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You can't lay down yourself for others unless you have a self to lay down

I'm reading an amazing book at the moment called "The Best of You" by Alison Cook. She makes this point that seems to obvious - but I think we're so bad at in our Christian communities!

I know that for many years I was a huge people pleaser. And I heard plenty of messages giving theological justification for being a people pleaser - how we should put other people's needs above our own, seek to be servant-hearted etc. The problem was that somewhere along the way, I lost touch with what my own needs were. I lost my sense of self.

I love the way Alison Cook explains that Jesus could only make the world-changing sacrifice that He did because He had a very strong sense of self, He knew His purpose and never sought to please other people. #PeoplePleaser #christianmentalhealth #churchmentalhealth #Sacrifice #Grace #compassionatechristianity

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Sacrifice #Depression #Anxiety #Sacrifice #Hope #PTSD #Relationships #Hope #Gratitude

Today is Anzac Day. It’s the most significant day in Australia’s military history and thousands gathered this morning in our town for a dawn service.

My Dad lied about his age and enlisted in the Australian army to fight for us in World War 2.
After he died I was given access to his complete war time file. I was amazed to learn he was repatriated to Australia four times from the jungles of Papua New Guinea for medical treatment. He kept going back to the jungle because Australia was under threat.

Today I am especially grateful for his sacrifice and for the sacrifice of all military personnel.

And I am grateful for the sacrifice of doctors who spend 7 years qualifying to help others. Nurses who sacrifice regular hours to tend to us 24/7. I am grateful for the sacrifice of time people have given to me over the years to visit me in hospital and to mentor me through some very difficult seasons.

I am grateful for the sacrifice of time people make here on The Mighty that people make to encourage and inspire others.

What sacrifice are you grateful for today?