Sometimes I feel like I’m in a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Or Modern Family episode. Today’s mood is definitely Modern Family. I’ve always related to Alex Dunphy, yet behaved at times like Hailey. Compared myself to my siblings like Claire. Dreamt big like Phil. Manipulated like Gloria. Loved my puppy like Jay loves Stella. Wrote poetry like Manny and been oblivious like Luke.

Sooooo, in today’s episode..

Here goes nothing - or everything!

So, today I saw a new therapist. Same conclusion, I need to get my shit together but somehow comforted and trusting her. There was something about my other therapist that I find intimidating. Now, I can only be thankful for all her help- it doesn’t make her a bad therapist, her job with me was done. I learned how to cope and functioning again after rehab, and she was there in urgent times of need. We laughed, joked and worked together. I’ll stop myself from including “but’s” or “what if”. I chose to change therapists because I didn’t feel safe enough to be honest, fact that I told my now therapist... She didn’t leave me homework this time, and I feel so relieved. I’m going to reward myself with a cup of sugar free almond milk with low-carb natural stevia, and watch my uncle’s memoir service online. I’m sorry I missed your live memoir, dearest uncle, I was helping my Higher Power save my life through therapy, I know you want me happy. Please pray that I get my dream job.

I still want to move the fuck out of my house, yet feel safe again with my very own set of Dunphys 🧡🤓🤦🏻‍♀️.

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