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    Writing your emotional thoughts down on paper, how about it!

    Keeping a Journal is good when you have a mental illness. To jot down things that you deal with that you haven't an answer to. Maybe you can express it too your therapist when you have your next session or just search it online in detail at another time. Writing things down can be like talking them out. It will give you peace of mind. #Journal #MentalIllness #MentalHealth #Therapy


    New therapist yet again. Solo roadtrip. Anxiety wanting to visit & oh so much more...

    .... 3rd time is the charm, right?

    Met my new therapist yesterday. 3rd one within the yr. Started Oct. 2021. Already missing my last therapist. Not a fan of repeating my "why" for therapy... a 3rd time.

    Going on another solo trip... 3rd one within the year. First one was November 2021. Last one was July of this yr, out of state. Putting my boundaries in place. Challenging myself & inner voice has been a huge goal of mine this yr. Confusing a lot of ppl along the way. Not sry.

    Anxiety was brutal today. Been awhile too. Still trying to linger around & disrupt ones sleep but I shall not let it. Feeling bad I had to call out of work due to missing more than your average worker. If I was my boss, I'd be upset too... some what.

    Mind is wandering. Trying to figure out if I packed enough warm clothes due to going to a cooler city. Packed enough water & snacks for the road. Will gas stations be open due to the holiday. Roadtrip mind wanders will always be there. Gotta work around em.

    Trying to just breath & relax my mind due to a lingering headache. Knowing everything will be just fine. It always is.

    ..... & THAT'S what's on my mind. Thank you for reading this. You may go back to your regularly scheduled program!

    #Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #Migraines #Trauma #GAD #Healing #CheckInWithMe #TheMighty #Therapy #Thoughts

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    These are a few of my acrylic paintings. #painting ,#Therapy ,


    Do you ever wake up….

    Do you ever wake up and know with your entire being you don’t want to be here anymore?
    I’m tired of the struggle, tired of the fight when I’m not fighting for myself, I’m fighting for those I love. They don’t deserve the pain of losing me so instead I endure the pain of living.
    I had a lil selfharm relapse last night. Truly it’s just a few very small marks. But I want to relapse again because yesterdays didn’t touch the pain. I need the pain to match.
    I have skills I’m supposed to use in times like this. But I don’t want to. I want to skip the skills and go straight to the familiar. But my therapist will be asking about selfharm tomorrow and I’m not sure I could face the shame of admitting I chose to skip the skills.
    (Side note: she does not at all cause or contribute to the shame. She is wonderful)

    I need to get up. I need to be a good dog mom and take care of my baby. I need to be a good student and finish my paper that’s due today. So much I need to do. So much I need to be. When I all I want is to simply no longer be.

    #Selfharm #Relapse #Dbtskills #DBT #Therapy #Suicide #College #CollegeMentalHealth #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety #Shame

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    Ways To Help Your Spouse with Depression

    Depression is a mental illness that requires treatment just like any other medical condition. If your spouse is suffering from depression, there are things that you can do to help. Helping your spouse get treatment, supporting your spouse during treatment, and taking good care of yourself are all important ways that you can help your spouse recover from depression. Keep reading to learn more about how to help your spouse with depression.

    Recognize the symptoms of depression in your spouse. You may suspect that your spouse is depressed by the way he or she is acting. If you are unsure, there are several common signs of depression that may help you to determine if something is wrong:

    Persistent sad feelings

    Loss of interest in hobbies, friends and/or sex

    Excessive fatigue or feeling slowed down in thinking, speaking, or movement

    Increased or decreased appetite

    Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much

    Trouble concentrating and making decisions


    Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism

    Weight loss or gain

    Aches pains or digestive problems

    Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness

    Encourage your spouse or partner to seek help if they haven't already. Your spouse's depression may be so debilitating that it makes him/her unable to ask for help. He or she may also be embarrassed about their condition. If you suspect your spouse has depression, encourage them to talk to a therapist

    Educate yourself. Understanding depression, its effects, and treatment will allow you to better understand your spouse and help him or her to make informed decisions. Ask questions, read books and visit reliable websites about the diagnosis and treatment of depression. There are many organizations that provide resources for people suffering from depression

    Encourage your spouse to open up to you. Talking openly about depression as a real illness with real consequences often brings relief to people with depression, since it demonstrates that someone cares and is willing to help. It is important for your partner to get professional help, but your partner may also benefit from talking to you about their feelings.

    Listen when your spouse wants to talk. Demonstrating that you are hearing your spouse and understanding his or her point of view is another important aspect of supporting them through recovery. Allow your spouse to tell you about his or her feelings and make sure that you allow your spouse to fully express themselves

    Don’t pressure your spouse into sharing. Just let them know that you are willing to listen when they are ready and give them time.

    Be attentive as you listen to your spouse. Nod and react appropriately to let them know that you are listening.

    Try echoing what your spouse has just said now and then during the conversation to let them know that you are paying attention.

    Avoid getting defensive, trying to take over the conversation, or ending sentences for them. Be patient even though it might be hard sometimes.

    Continue to make your spouse feel heard by saying things like, “I see,” “Go on,” and “Yes.

    Participate in your spouse's or partner's recovery. While you may not understand the reasons for your spouse's depression, it is important that you support him or her during the treatment process. You may have some idea of what you can do to help your spouse, but if you are not sure you could also ask. Some ways that you could help your spouse include.

    Taking over some of your spouse’s usual responsibilities. This may mean taking over some of the tasks your spouse or partner used to be responsible for, such as paying bills, talking to people who knock at the front door, dealing with neighborhood disputes, etc. Ask your partner what you could do to help if you are not sure. Keep in mind that you won’t be taking over your spouse’s responsibilities forever, just until he or she recovers. You can also enlist the help of friends and family.

    Making sure your spouse is taking care of his or her physical needs. Make sure that your spouse is eating well, getting moderate exercise, sleeping well, and taking his or her medications.

    Encourage your spouse or partner to do the things they used to enjoy and to try new things that might help with their recovery. Ask them to go to the movies with you or to go on walks with you. If they refuse the first few times, just be patient and keep asking. Just don't push too hard, since he or she may not be able to cope with too many activities at once

    Plan fun things to do. Your spouse might feel more comfortable just spending time at home with you and your family, but you should plan fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. It's good for everyone in a family to have things to look forward to. These will be beneficial for not only your spouse or partner with depression but also for you and for any kids, as a change in environment will give you all a break

    Look after yourself. It's easy to forget about your own needs when your spouse is in pain, but if you're unable to function properly, then you won't be able to help. In fact, feelings of depression can influence the mood of your entire family. That's why you should be sure to take good care of yourself while you are helping your spouse deal with depression.

    Get enough sleep, eat well, keep exercising, and keep in touch with family and friends for emotional support.

    Set aside some alone time to step away from the situation.

    Consider getting therapy or joining a support group since this may help you cope better with your spouse's depression

    You'll also need to deal with the impacts of your spouse's or partner's depression on your kids; seek advice from your doctor and other health professionals in charge of caring for your kids' well-being. #Depression #spouse #supporting #Therapy


    My therapist is too good at her job lol

    I had a bit of a rough session on Monday and afterward I sent my theraapist a follow-up email explaining that there were some things I hadn't told her about and also that I don't really want to talk about them, I just wanted to explain that those things likely had an impack on why I reacted the way I did. But because I'm me I added at the end of my email "I really want to add that I'm fine, somehow I feel like you probably won't believe/agree with that. But like really I'm fine:) " AND THIS LADY responded with "I know you are "fine." AND it sounds like there are other feelings you have too that maybe we can talk through next session?"

    Like ma'am, why is fine IN QUOTATION MARKS?! That's just rude 😂 Has my world completely changed in the last month? Yes. Am I overwhlemed and occassionally very passively suicidal? Yes. Have I had multiple selfharm relapses recently? Also yes. But those are all totally besides the point. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is FINE. She doesn't seem convienced tho and I'm offended (said scarstically).

    Like why do we have to go and bring emotions into the conversation? Those things can get stuffed into a box and shoved in a corner where they belong.

    #Therapy #dbttherapist #DBT #Emotions #ImFine #SuicidalIdeation #Selfharm #relaspe #College #almostfinals #itsokaytonotbeokay #butnotmetho #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD

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    Isolation / Avoidant Attachment / Boundaries ?

    The image says: "My past is an armor I cannot take off, no matter how many times you tell me the war is over." -- Jessica Katoff

    My therapist offhandedly said something about avoidant attachment style a few weeks ago and it totally changed how I think of myself and made me realize how I am really experiencing the world.
    I was always the good kid who did the right thing and helped others. I wasn't wildly popular, but just a solid *nice* person. Up until very recently, I would have told you I was a "people pleaser", and really needed the approval and love of others.
    It turns out I have some serious anger raging inside of me that I never knew was there - and it is anger toward all those people I was nice to, all those people I helped, all those people I smiled at and befriended. All the people I listened to. All the people I never said "no" to. All the people who never *saw* me.
    My last boyfriend told me all the time how he had never felt so well understood by anyone in his entire life until he met me. How could I tell him that I didn't feel at all the same about him?
    I don't know how to stop this angry part of me from putting up a barrier to protect myself after decades of no one even bothering to notice that I might have reason to be angry and that I was in fact angry. I don't know how to switch my thinking from "boundaries" to "giant flaming wall" because I'm angry that I spent all my time and energy understanding other people so well and they never did the same for me.
    I don't even know if this post makes sense, but it is such a wild mind shift for me that I am struggling to know how to think or process things these days. Thanks for reading and for being there.

    #Isolation #avoidantattachment #boundaries #Relationships #Therapy #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #spiritualabuse #EmotionalAbuse #narcissisticabusesurvivor #Family #angry

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    Dealing with physical and mental health while juggling finances and searching for a better job

    Recently, within the last two pay periods, my employer has implemented a new payscale that severely reduced their costs but severely increased mine and my husband's stress. I was making relatively before taxes $15 an hour before the payscale change with promise of if you hit a certain threshold in service sales you hit commission, so extra money, then tips on top of that. At the same time I was forced and had to be willing to help at another salon within the franchise. Now, due to the salon I was helping at I have a severe sprain in my right ankle due to a combination of my #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and concrete floors, no matter how much padding the cutting matts give. Have to continue to work with a brace and powerful pain meds that for normal people knocks them out. Keep waking up at 3 because that's when I need to take the next dose of medicine and due to pain. Using BetterHelp now for therapy and have to say that I highly recommend it. Subscription but you get weekly sessions with a therapist that is paired with you based on what you desire and your needs and outlook. I got paired with an LGBTQIA ally who is awesome and supportive, which is helpful as I am both gay and genderqueer. He asks about my husband and is thoughtful and really helping. But with the new payscale everyone no matter how long you have been with the company or if you are a manager your pay is now $13/hour unless you hit certain thresholds in service sales which means you have to do at least 15-20 haircuts in at least a 6 hour period, and do a color or highlight while doing those haircuts. This is impossible and unless you are working alone which is now recommended but completely unsafe, you can't get that. Thankfully currently my husband is settling for a job in a sandwich shop, while trying to get his cosmo (cosmetologist) license by the end of December. He's already passed the written now he has to do the practical then get the license. But at the same time we have a house to furnish still and possibly even get a new bed depending on whether the pain I'm dealing with is merely my ankle or more. Grateful for my best friend who lives across the parking lot from us, who has given us the opportunity to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons and her support throughout. She was the one who allowed us to sleep on her floor for a month a half this time last year. If not for her I don't know where we would be at the moment. So while yeah I am now looking for a better job opportunity, I'm still grateful to be alive and have the support system I have set in place. My advice is to always have some form of support system outside of social media for not only mental but physical and emotional health. If you have that you can succeed at anything it just takes dedication, work, and perseverance.

    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #PTSD #Therapy

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    Shopping Addiction. When #Shopping is beyond #retailtherapy and Breaks the Bank 👀

    This cat in the image gives me the face I make when my husband sees me reaching for something to put in the cart and tells me to put it back. I feel like I am so wrong or about to do something that will #hurt me. When things are #Wrong or #IAmStruggling it doesn't feel like I have #power . I feel #powerless .

    #shoppingaddiction is real. My mother has it worse than me right now, whereas I have people telling me "No!" And "Put it Back!" Holding me accountable. It still feels hurtful.

    I no longer go to stores just to "Look." I cannot go to a store just to "Look around." Especially an issue if I see something and cannot buy it. We are all experiencing some kind of #financial issues. #Medicine is so dang expensive, and that often causes us to fall into a pit. I do not know what to do, but I have been trying things other than talk #Therapy .

    I decided to click online "Add to Cart" or "Add to Wishlist." This is common for websites like Amazon or Bath & Body Works. Especially now that the Christmas season is here.. I see things I want to #Buy for other people, or things I want for the #home or for #Myself . It feels #bad .

    Have you experienced #shoppingaddiction ?

    If so, what do you do?

    I need #Advice .

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    Pet Therapy

    I have major depression, c-ptsd and anxiety. I rely on my dog (Gizzie) and my cat (Peanut) to calm me. Even just watching them sleeping peacefully I find soothing.

    It's strange but the unconditional love they offer me can be more therapeutic than the help my family gives me. My therapist tells me this is a common observation due to their non-judgmental love.

    Does anyone else find that their pets can be more therapeutic than their families?

    #MightyPets #Depression #Therapy #Anxiety