Depressed, diabetes flaring as well as RA. I have been in a funk since another teacher at my school who has only been there four years was announced teacher of the year. I have been there 14 yrs, work my ass offf through pain, sponsored volunteer clubs, taken off campus trips in my time with a performance groups ans worked through this agonizing pain. I feel like it is a slap in the face. I am an introvert ans have social anxiety except around my students. I am friendly, FB friends with many, but just realized, hey these people really aren’t my true friends are they? All the colleagues in my group have been voted ans won TOY at some point. I am the most giving and generous to my kids... it is about what ai can do for my kids not kissing ass or doing things for admin. Sadly, it seems that it what is recognized. I am just really hurt. Not jealous. My friend is a great teacher but hey, I am too and have paid my dues. Maybe I am being discriminated against due to my absences or illness. I don’t know. I just feel so sad. I am mad for how much time I have sacrificed away from family and home life and what I do doesn’t count. Thanks for letting me vent. Depressed ans feeling sad.