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Happy Capable Strong Dancing thu' Life

This is what I painted at art class. A lovely happy girl, happy in her own solitude,enjoyin life capable and strong. Made this after starting to copy a bit from a Picasso print(,a print that gave me inspiration) Ended up making my own positive happy painting...totally different from the Picasso printed painting... So enjoyable being creative and trying different techniques and ways of painting....being free with a brushes and paint, fingers and spade thing!! #creatingjoy


Does anyone here live alone like a hermit no kids, single, no friends etc?

Not by choice but more so circumstances. I know some of you have kids and that. I meant like someone who is completely single, no kids, or social life. I know a guy like that and a girl too but we don't really click which is a bit redundant. I find myself wanting to make connections but always missing the mark. I feel ashamed talking about it at assessments and at the doctors. I only see the odd hairdresser friend when I need to do my hair or something and obviously come on here or go on social media . Other than that don't contact my family either due to our fallout over my mental health. Somedays I feel that I could get used to it but other days it's hard I wish I had at least a love relationship but it's hard just leaving the house. I'm embarrassed about my situation and I feel if I met someone they wouldn't want me because I have nothing going on. I've had lots of rejections. Anyone else have this lifestyle? Do you get used to it? CAN YOU get used to it and the boredom and sadness? Does it get better? Can YOU BE HAPPY this way? I'm 30 now and wondering if it ever gets better 😂 🤔
#lonelytogether #outcast #Lifestyle #Depression #Pushingmyself #empath #creatingjoy #Selfcompassion #startingfromscratch #Spirituality



I as both the mother of a child (now 36) with chronic connective tissue disorder (CTD), and as an adult with the same chronic illness. My son is the 3rd consecutive generation with Marfan Syndrome. We have fought many battles, and learned a great deal along the way. I'm also a caretaker for my younger sister with Marfans. Sis has been called "a medical miracle" and "definitely a fighter." I've watched, and personally experienced the impact becoming "disabled" has on one's life. It's so important to have/find a support system, and creat new routine(s) to bring joy. My best to all the #mightywarriors . #survivinglife #creatingjoy