A wonderful person on here gave great advice that knowledge is power. It feels very true for fibro at least for me. Along with a recent diagnosis of fibro, I also deal with OCD, Anxiety, & Depression. I also deal with recent diagnosis of PTSD & a birth defect in my kidney.

I recently had surgery on my kidney 4 days ago. I told the doctor that I had fibromyalgia before the surgery. Unfortunately, I just googled today surgery and fibromyalgia. I feel irritated with myself because now I’m in a lot of pain and I just found out there were things I could suggest to my doctor to decrease my pain. Like local anesthetic into injection sites and magnesium drip so I didn’t have to wake up from anesthesia with so much muscle cramp pain.

I feel irritated with my doctor that she didn’t know these things but as a healthcare professional I understand why.

I just feel like I have to know everything all the time and it’s exhausting, lonely, and disheartening. #Fibromyalgia #Surgery #DaVinciSurgery