I haven’t posted in quite sometime. After my dog Wilson died, I spiraled. I’m just coming out of it now, and will be starting a 14 month DBT program mid-March to really hone in on the skills. I think that will help!
Also, I struggled for about 6 years to get SSI even with my lawyers. I had another hearing scheduled for Jan. 19th, but on the 6th I believe, I got a call from my lawyers office saying that I won! The judge made an on record decision that I should get SSI- which I didn’t know they could do. I had been praying so hard about it.
Then another prayer was answered that same week. I had planned on maybe getting a chihuahua in the spring. My mom randomly called a breeder in Duluth who wasn’t even advertising puppies on her page. But she had one! We got him 5 days later. He’s everything I prayed for- he has a John Mulaney personality. He does have aggression issues so we are going to see a trainer. Other than that, I love him more everyday.
Then I was diagnosed with POTS (my cardiologist typed it in as Sinus Tachycardia since POTS carries stigma with it). I was put on meds that are helping a lot.
And then, but by no means least, we suspect I may be on the autism spectrum, something my mom has always thought I had. I found a few YouTube videos about women ASD and boy did I see myself in them. I sent the video to my mom, my therapist, and my soon to be DBT therapist. They all agreed it sounded like me.
I still have to message my psychiatrist about it and I have no idea how to get tested for it since autism in women is different than it is in guys. More updates to come.
So much has happened in such a short time. I’m still very ill, but now able to at least pay for most of my needs and Mulaney’s needs. It’s a wonderful feeling! #CheckInWithMe #Autism #POTS #MightyPets