When you get up everyday despite the depression and anxiousness. Even though u slept horribly the night before. When you work extremely hard everyday and u know your blessed because there are many who suffer to a degree that won’t or can’t work (and trust I’ve been there at some point). When you have done everything possible but yet nothing and I mean nothing brings satisfaction to your everyday life. Nothing makes me happy anymore or even makes me feel alive. Grateful to have ways to make money and be independent but knowing that I have no passion or purpose leaves me to question why am I here? Do I have a purpose? Am I living just to one day die? I mean we all are technically speaking but I’m not necessarily making the most out of my life. Not because I can’t or I won’t but simply because I’ve worked so hard, strived for greatness despite my mental health and now I’m burnt out depleted and lacking the will to care. Will I give up?’ No my son needs me but am I happy no. Shopping use to be my thing but that doesn’t help anymore. I’m numb. Leaving me wondering all this for what exactly…,, #deathhastobeeasy #Lifeishard