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    How do you cope when it is ALL coming at you at once? I was once a very independent, successful, super type A, corporate America gal who was so capable. Three chronic illnesses later I am exhausted, always battling brain fog, and my past coping mechanisms no longer work. Very quickly my life has spiraled out of control & I am feeling in such utter chaos that I don’t know how to right the ship. #hopeless #needhelp

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    Need a miracle #CPTSD #Abuse #hopeless

    Needing to vent . Words of support appreciated!

    After surviving 31+ years of abuse, a coma, years of homelessness, and being hit by a car, I finally got my own apartment and what I thought was a fresh start. But I was in a car accident a few months later and my apartment ended up having black mold in walls and floors, which made me severely ill. Ended lease since landlord wouldn’t do anything, right before losing my income.

    I have nothing yet again and am back in an abusive home. I can’t endure it any longer and my only shot at ever being safe is a job in another state that I’m struggling to find housing for. I’m terrified I won’t find an apartment in the timeframe my new employer is requesting and end up on the streets again.

    I’m at my wit’s end as I simply can’t keep fighting to survive anymore. I’m exhausted, hopeless and feel like I’ve worked so hard for nothing (and actually be worse off). “Help” available is a joke and I have nowhere else to turn. I just want to catch a break and be allowed to have a life.

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    When nothing brings satisfaction
    #hopeless #sad #whatsmypurpose ?

    When you get up everyday despite the depression and anxiousness. Even though u slept horribly the night before. When you work extremely hard everyday and u know your blessed because there are many who suffer to a degree that won’t or can’t work (and trust I’ve been there at some point). When you have done everything possible but yet nothing and I mean nothing brings satisfaction to your everyday life. Nothing makes me happy anymore or even makes me feel alive. Grateful to have ways to make money and be independent but knowing that I have no passion or purpose leaves me to question why am I here? Do I have a purpose? Am I living just to one day die? I mean we all are technically speaking but I’m not necessarily making the most out of my life. Not because I can’t or I won’t but simply because I’ve worked so hard, strived for greatness despite my mental health and now I’m burnt out depleted and lacking the will to care. Will I give up?’ No my son needs me but am I happy no. Shopping use to be my thing but that doesn’t help anymore. I’m numb. Leaving me wondering all this for what exactly…,, #deathhastobeeasy #Lifeishard

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    Why I can’t get a job | TW social pressure

    Why I feel like I can’t get a job as an adult

    1. Hate being under a lot of pressure
    2. Fear of being misgendered (social dysphoria is pretty bad)
    3. Don’t want to be involved in any drama or competition that could happen
    4. Could end up getting a rude boss
    5. Feel like I wouldn’t be payed fairly either way
    6. Right now, it’s not even for the money
    7. I end up losing motivation for things I like to do on some days
    8. I dropped out of school due to high levels of stress and trauma and unfairness and am not planning to finish due to stress and trauma, so there’s less of a chance for me anyway
    9. I already get stressed out even by things that seem so small (I am ashamed of this)

    Why I feel like I want to

    1. Because it’s considered a norm in society and I don’t wanna be judged as a “lazy individual” who still lives with their parents /neg

    #SocialAnxiety #Pressured #Autism #Job #hopeless

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    I’m new here

    I came for support. I am trying so hard in my marriage but I feel like I am always failing. I have anxiety, depression, possibly on the spectrum, possibly BPD. Things really blew up during Covid and now I can’t get it right again. I am on meds and I love my therapist, but it seem no matter how hard I try, think things through. and learn, I am always wrong. I want to fix my relationship, and am not internet in leaving or separating. I just need support on the days that are particularly hard. #overwhelmed #Marriage #Anxiety #hopeless

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    Intrusive thoughts

    Does anyone else struggle with ocd/intrusive thoughts? It makes me feel so alone. Has anyone been able to cope or have any feedback on things I should try that may have helped them? #OCD #unwanted thoughts #hopeless

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    Community Voices
    A J

    What if it never gets better?

    I did have optimism when I was younger but that’s probably because youth came with immaturity and a sense of being naive. Fast forward to the present time, I feel completely different due to many life’s circumstances and changes. My nonchalant attitude and numbness to everything has taken me out of life’s reality for the most part.

    Now I feel comfortable in my depression and don’t want to let it go. I’m not sure if I should navigate through this or just let it be?
    #Depression #numb #hopeless #MensMentalHealth

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    I don’t blame anyone. I did this to myself. It’s my fault. Everything is my fault. I m sorry mom for not being the perfect daughter you’ve always wanted. I’ve lost control again and all my dreams are going away. #Depression #Anxiety #Selfblame #Selfharm #IfYouFeelHopeless #hopeless

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    I have been married (luckily) for 14 years to the most wonderful woman on earth. That being said because of suffering with BPD/ADHD/bipolar 1/paranoia/severe anxiety I have completely broken this wonderful woman down again and again.
    I have also had pornagraphy problem since I was about 13. She has caught me multiple times but I was too ashamed to fess up, due to fear and embarrassment. Our struggles have always been able to be worked through some what.

    Well last night I tried something daring and extremely hard for me. I want to get better so I wanted to talk to my wife about everything I have done to her and finally truly deal with it. Long story short it all came out how much I was watching porn. All she saw was 14 years of her life wasted on me( a liar, monster, demon, worthless and will never change). All I want to do now is just die already and give this world and especially her a life that's better without me. I am in great need here, all my previous cuts and suicide attempts have been from rage or blackouts. This feeling is so overwhelming I just can't.
    Also these 2 post I have put up have my anxiety through the roof. I want to get better and be the Godly husband she needs. But now it's just hopeless and I don't think I can do this suffering anymore. This is what I get for going outside my comfort zone #hopeless #BPD

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    I need some ideas about how to help with the pain, is there anything I can do at home that can help? Any tricks of the trade so to speak?

    I’ve been in so much pain for years and issues with my other illnesses (I have POTS, fibromyalgia and severe gluten intolerance) and in the past 5 years it’s progressively going from bad to unbearable. I can’t work right now it’s so bad and where I used a wheelchair for things like shopping and days out before, I’m using it all the time. I just don’t know what to do. #ChronicPain #hopeless

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