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Walks Make Me Mighty

Yesterday I took a walk

I listened to the small stream bubbling near my path

I saw the crescent moon slowly reveal itself through the evening clouds

I could smell the whisper of Spring in the air

Sometimes I forget how much peace I experience from a simple walk (even on a cold winter day)

My connection with nature is critical to my emotional well being

If nature recharges your spirit - remember the power of a walk #MentalHealth #OCD #Depression #sad

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Honestly I’m exhausted

I’m so tired. It’s my body yes and my mind but it’s so much deeper. It’s my soul. My soul is tired. I feel everything all the time. I’m in a constant state of fight or flight and panic mode. Even when I’m feeling “good” I’m tired. It’s my go to word for- I don’t know how to explain this but I have nothing left to give right now.
Depression makes me tired and guilty. Anxiety makes me tired, my body, and my soul. It’s being constantly aware, constantly on edge, constantly guilty and ashamed and sad and panicky. I am just so damn tired. #Anxiety #tired #Guilt #sad

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#BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #sad

I love people just not in a environment like employment because I have a lot emotions and things to keep in check and that’s a lot of spent energy to maintain self control in a high stakes high pressure environment like a job I know that I’m a loser and a lost cause because in this type of environment I can’t run and hide 🙈 I have to maintain self control constantly not to mention I have severe psoriasis on my body especially my stomach and hands 🙌 I truly hate myself

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Do you ever feel lonely sometimes or randomly sad/ heavy?

I guess lately I’ve had feelings like that feeling a little numb or empty I’m trying to be present and mindful I also feel a little scared about losing my family or parents like I would survive emotionally without them even though really I just want them to have a long life. #lonely #sad #random #numb #empty

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