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I am more sick! #CeliacDisease #DermatitisHerpetiformis

Hello all! :)
Ok. So, on top of C-PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Suicidal Ideation, Dissociative Disorder, Epstein Barr, Celiac (what I though are allergies and /or sensitivities) *inconclusive* Lyme 2x conducted, etc. I now, have a brand NEW (I am becoming verrrry exclusive [rofl?]) malady to add. Yes. Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Wow. Apparently it's a rare condition. I was not sure if it is from the Epstein  Barr (herpes rash) or celiac, so I did some online digging.

For it to be an Herpes rash, it would affect only one eye, in both cases of Herpes. I have the rash near both of my eyes. The results of my detective work point to celiac aka DM, the rash is fairly symmetrical.

It  did  follow an unbeknownst to me at the time , PIGGING OUT, on a cake, which was NOT GF! Oh thanks guys for mislabeling.......The rash came a few days later. Started around my mouth, and promptly migrated to under my eyes. Then it crept onto my eye lids. Still no itchiness. Still no liquid filled tiny blisters or lesions. Then I got a rash right in the middle of my chest. I though it's acne.

I am in perimenopause; so almost 50 and never really had body acne problems in my adulthood, so, I though this is odd. Still, at that point I had NO reason to think this in anything else. The face rash I attributed to SYSTEMIC ACUTE STRESS.

Once the evil cake was done I was again, unbeknownst to me, eating food which did contain Gluten . So, I guess this has been really building up.

Now my eyes are itchy the rash was maddening, I can only use pure coconut oil and it seems to calm it a bit. Also, I noticed, when I am sleeping it seems to not be as acute, even bearable. As of now, I am roughly 48 hours gf or almost GF.



So, I found this site. I use it for therapy. I do not want your money, do not ask for mine.
So that I am as clear as I can be. Nobody is as fortunate as I am. I am a Mutant. Neurofibromatosis Type 1. It is what it is, it is NOT what I am. I am a Celiac. I'm told it is a Disease. However, it is the ONLY disease that is caused by what you ingest and NOTHING else. If you die from a poison, the toxin is the problem. Somehow it is the Celiacs fault gluten's a toxin? So we have a Disease? And you mock us for it? Glutard is it? I am also a person with Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Can we get more prejudice? No, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH DERMATITIS, NO IT IS NOT A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE. But Let's NAME IT THAT.
How much more stupid, incompetent, and clearly "could not be able to take care of themelves" is a person born with these three GENETIC challenges in combination?
Yeah, keep telling me that, ignore me, ignore what I say.
I told you already - I am the most fortunate person in the world. I am me.
google DHNFCD - any web site - none are mine - I want none of your money. I am THE DHNFCD ADVOCATE and that means I am Mighty.
Who are you again? Nothing I say takes away from you, unless you let it.
Nothing "they" say can either, unless you let it. Do not let their ignorance and persecution, they call it a diagnosis as they play doctor, define you. You can be you, OR you can be who they tell you to be. I am me. I am not impossible, I am a Living Anaphylactic Celiac. If I am impossible, quick, someone start a new religion, just leave me out of it. Just a thought.