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#Anxiety #PanicAttack #dogattack #authorityanxiety

Long story short, my 4 year old daughter and I for a walk yesterday with our dog. Usually we'll go for a walk at least once a day so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Our next door neighbor has 4 large dogs, 2 of which usually stay in their fenced in yard barking non stop. Well yesterday the momma pit bull decided she didn't like us being on the road so she JUMPED the fence and attacked my dog. At this point my daughter's knees are scraped on the road and I'm pissed. Our dog runs "precious" back into her yard, meanwhile her owner is standing inside the fence just calling for her dog. She saw me and the danger my daughter was put in by her dog.
Fast forward a few minutes; I've gotten the 3 of us back in the house, Band-Aids on knees, panic attack full swing. I called my husband since I don't do well with situations such as this. He tells me I need to call the cops. Now I'm not one to call the cops at the drop of a hat but when my daughter's safety is involved I'll bend my own restrictions. I call the non emergency 911 number, explain the situation, she tells me I need to call animal control. Keep in mind: it took me 30 minutes and 3 phone calls for me to work up the courage to call and report it. By this time, animal control is out of the office. Back to square one. Normal people would have called the law as soon as they were safe. meanwhile I'm over here debating on if I want to make mortal enemies of our new neighbors. #adultingsucks #mentalhealthadvocateplease



Today was a hard day. I cried on way to work. I cried at work. Cried on way home. When things couldn’t get worst it did. My dog bit my 2.5 yr old nephew on the cheek. My dog never bit anyone before. I have no idea why he did this. I was right there. I feel so bad. Don’t know what to do. Don’t know what to say. I want to go somewhere with my dog and keep him away from my nephew but have no place to go right now. So I’m laying on the bathroom floor with him and door is shut tight. Might be here all night. 😓 #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Depression #dogattack


Epic fail #dogtrainer  #ServiceDog  #dogattack

Well. I had a client bring in a dog for board and train. The eval went well and she seemed to do fine with my dogs. Until she wasn't anymore. She broke out of a welded crate and attacked me leaving me with several bite wounds and a torn rotator cuff. My girls are safe and I got medical help obviously but I'm feeling pretty horrible about myself as a trainer and as a human. I didn't see this coming and one of my dogs got hurt because of it. My service dog is safe and sound thankfully but my pet dog is not and I can't help but blame myself for putting them in harms way.