After years of experience with nursing and reading articles in the local paper about the hospital you would have thought I would have learned to never read the comment section. But when I saw a couple of my articles were on Yahoo curiosity got the better of me. Now I wish it hadn't.

Even knowing these were some pretty tragic specimens of humanity didn't make it hurt any less for being called weird or odd for trying to understand my daughter's autism or having both of us verbally abused for wanting better things for her in school, in life, generally. I will take the really vile comments about abortion and murder for the clearly ludicrous trolling attempts at getting a reaction that they were. What stung the most for me was reading 2 comments from parents of autistic kids who must be non verbal telling me I should be grateful my daughter can speak (believe me I really am) and nobody wants to hear about kids like my daughter because she can speak on an article where I was talking about getting an insight into how her stims help her. I count my blessings for my kids every day and my writing for The Mighty is about things that are close to my heart.

I know writers need a thick skin so I'm gonna stuff my face tonight then get up tomorrow and wonder why I bothered letting it upset me and start writing again I'm sure. But I've learned my lesson. Remember the first rule of Troll Club. Never read the comments section unless it's on here

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