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Trolls and stalkers

Please do not direct message me whether you’re a man or a woman and you’re just looking to have a random conversation that will perhaps lead to something inappropriate. I’m a married woman and I find it highly inappropriate to have three different men what I call trolls or stockers for lack of better words, contacting me every day asking me random things about myself. I take this platform very seriously and feel very lucky to be able to talk to wonderful people like yourselves and share things with. #Trolls #Stalkers #inappropriate #creepy

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Trolls in the DMs? 👾👾👾

Since the internet underworld has moved into The Mighty DM, and it seems to be causing stress among my fellow Mighty members, I want to remind all of us that spoons = energy.

How many spoons do you have to spare internet strangers who can't be bothered to at least engage with you and others in the public forum?

My answer is zero.

The buttons "decline" and "block" are there to save your spoons. Don't give the underworld your precious energy.

Are you afraid they might need your help? That's what they're counting on. They view us as vulnerable, easy targets.

Alternatvely, you can always accept, ask what they want, then tell them to stop interrupting because you are in the middle of burying one troll and don't have time to murder anther one.

But that's too many spoons. Best to decline and serve yourself a heaping spoonful of energy empowerment.

Love 😘
A cranky woman who's seen and been through far too much to let a lousy troll under the bridge steal her energy or shine.

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Spoonies #Awareness #Energy #Selflove #Selfcare #fuckthetrolls #Trolls #loveyourself


The 1st rule of Troll club

After years of experience with nursing and reading articles in the local paper about the hospital you would have thought I would have learned to never read the comment section. But when I saw a couple of my articles were on Yahoo curiosity got the better of me. Now I wish it hadn't.

Even knowing these were some pretty tragic specimens of humanity didn't make it hurt any less for being called weird or odd for trying to understand my daughter's autism or having both of us verbally abused for wanting better things for her in school, in life, generally. I will take the really vile comments about abortion and murder for the clearly ludicrous trolling attempts at getting a reaction that they were. What stung the most for me was reading 2 comments from parents of autistic kids who must be non verbal telling me I should be grateful my daughter can speak (believe me I really am) and nobody wants to hear about kids like my daughter because she can speak on an article where I was talking about getting an insight into how her stims help her. I count my blessings for my kids every day and my writing for The Mighty is about things that are close to my heart.

I know writers need a thick skin so I'm gonna stuff my face tonight then get up tomorrow and wonder why I bothered letting it upset me and start writing again I'm sure. But I've learned my lesson. Remember the first rule of Troll Club. Never read the comments section unless it's on here

#Trolls #bullies #headuphigh #chinup #dontfeedthetrolls

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When A Troll Body Shames You

I want to recall a particular incident where one of my colleagues body shamed me. We were having an argument about his work performance and during this time period, we weren’t speaking. Instead of apologising and addressing this as a responsible colleague should, he used it to try and bully as well as body shame and abuse me.

One of the things that he did was make fun of my weight. In front of my managers. When I attempted to make space for one of my colleagues in a car, he laughed at me - the implication being that I was too overweight to make space for our other colleague. At another instance, he kept staring at my chest to try and trigger me to react in some way or another.

I want to acknowledge how incidents like these destroy the self esteem of women and erode their confidence. Pathetic, worthless man-children who have no real sense of self or self esteem attempt to troll women and make them feel less than themselves. I was a victim of one such troll. The experience was deeply embarrassing to me, as I felt as if I was being publicly shamed for something which has nothing to do with my work and never will. I felt as if I was being harassed for trying to stand up for myself - something that trolls are very good at.

To this pathetic troll, and all the others who body shame women, I want you to look in the mirror and see how pathetic you are. I want you to see what a stinking mess you are. You are a hopeless, worthless piece of garbage and you look ridiculous. Everyone thinks you’re a total clown and you know it. You’re not liked. You’re not appreciated and you never will be. Fuck you and fuck off, you worthless piece of shit. You belong in the trash bin where all the other trolls are you worthless loser.

#Trolls exist all around us. Name and shame these worthless, miserable people with no social life. Don’t let them get to you. Reclaim your mind, body, soul and spirit from the trolls around you.