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So I'm in Walgreens prescription & booster shot. I decided to get a few things & thought I would finish before shot. Didn't, so decided I would get prescription before they close or I forgot. Pharmacist gives me prescription & says have a seat be right with you. I put my shopping basket down, place my personal bag on top. I thought I was being honest, and start taking off coat. Woman walks by saying you have your bag ontop of groceries. "Oh I know I'm getting a booster shot I haven't paid for this yet. I'm not done shopping." You have a prescription? "Yes I paid for that but I'm not done yet." Tries to walk away with my basket. "Mam! I'm still shopping can I have my basket back" Pharmacist is like is everything ok? I overheard lady telling staff to keep an eye on me.

I'm on my way home now. The pharmacist was super nice. Finished my shopping. When I checked out I asked cashier to look in my bag so I wouldn't be harassed after check out. Turns out cashier was a manager. He apologized said I was ok.
But I'm upset. I started swearing & I don't swear. Wtf!!? #Harrassement #Anxiety #bullies #anger #Depression #triggers #emotional Pain #painful #suffering #isolated

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Why is there never anything that can be done?

Quick info about my oldest daughter! She was diagnosed with ADHD, Learning disabilities, and a few other things. Which has lead her to be bullied and taken advantage of most of her life. It got bad to the point she tried to commit suicide and was in the hospital for 2 months.
When your daughter goes through so much, it's not just a toll on her it is a toll on the whole family.
She graduated, got help and is a apprentice in the hair industry. I am so proud of her, she has come a long way!
I was happy she found a really good friend, she was done school and hear I thought I was done fighting bullies but nope. Since than I had to help her fight off a employer who harrassed her during a hardship of putting our family dog down, a employee who is jealous and now a ex best friend of hers who we are like grieving for someone we though was an awesome person!
My body with this stress is going into flare!
This last time, her so called best friend was to help each other out by paying my daughter to clean her apartment.
Well they didn't end up paying her, treating her like poo, making messes while my daughter cleaned and expected her to clean up after them. My daughter ended up coming home in tears and left her jacket at her house with work keys. Long story short, try to steal jacket, got jacket back, stole work keys, got police involved, tried to get my daughter in trouble with work, gave the key back and we though perfect we can be done with them. Blocked numbers, social media accounts.
Nope, called from different numbers, made different accounts to bug my daughter again about some headphones that was given to my daughter before all of this. My daughter called me from work and I told her to reply they can come get them when she get home.
Had some big man pull up to my house with other people in it, to pick up these headphones and I told him he will have to come back later or tomorrow to get them because my daughter is at work. Well he started calling me names and threatened me with the police, I told him to get off my property and called the police. They asked him to leave and I can contact him a better time to pick up the headphones.
When does this stuff stop? Why couldn't he be just an adult and say hey can you message me when a good time is to pick up the headphones? These girls continued to harrass my daughter after the police left.
There is absolutely nothing legally we can do to stop these girls. Nothing! Even during all the years of being bullied by the same kids for 7 years, nothing! The law always seems to protect the bullies more so their victims!
After this if they continue after these headphones the only thing I can do is go down to the courthouse and try to get a civilian retraining order!
Just no energy for this anymore!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Stress #bullies #FlareUps #Noenergy

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My daughter is in kindergarten and has a bully. on Friday he told her he was going to “kill her mom”. I don’t know this child, or his parents, but I can’t imagine what kind of upbringing this child is getting if he’s already a bully at the age of 5. my daughter just wants to be friends with everyone, so she’s been really upset from the words her bully says. as a mother it breaks my heart to see her struggle. How do you handle your child being bullied? #bullies #Motherhood #Teaching


The 1st rule of Troll club

After years of experience with nursing and reading articles in the local paper about the hospital you would have thought I would have learned to never read the comment section. But when I saw a couple of my articles were on Yahoo curiosity got the better of me. Now I wish it hadn't.

Even knowing these were some pretty tragic specimens of humanity didn't make it hurt any less for being called weird or odd for trying to understand my daughter's autism or having both of us verbally abused for wanting better things for her in school, in life, generally. I will take the really vile comments about abortion and murder for the clearly ludicrous trolling attempts at getting a reaction that they were. What stung the most for me was reading 2 comments from parents of autistic kids who must be non verbal telling me I should be grateful my daughter can speak (believe me I really am) and nobody wants to hear about kids like my daughter because she can speak on an article where I was talking about getting an insight into how her stims help her. I count my blessings for my kids every day and my writing for The Mighty is about things that are close to my heart.

I know writers need a thick skin so I'm gonna stuff my face tonight then get up tomorrow and wonder why I bothered letting it upset me and start writing again I'm sure. But I've learned my lesson. Remember the first rule of Troll Club. Never read the comments section unless it's on here

#Trolls #bullies #headuphigh #chinup #dontfeedthetrolls



I’ve had a tough week. Started with homophobic amuse being thrown at me. I’m almost 30, I thought I was past all the name calling. Worst part is, I was buying a new car and it was the valet guys who did it. Took me straight back to shit high school days and bullies :(


A poem about #bullies #MightyPoets

This poem is heavily influenced by and incorporates portions of the lyrics of the song "Enemy," written by Ryan McCombs and performed by Drowning Pool. As such, it is not an entirely original work and may not be appropriate here. Nevertheless, I'm sharing it because that is what you do when you sort of write something.

The words you use aren’t kind, and I’ve heard them a thousand times

And they don’t make what you believe the truth

You hate me, you loathe me

So you scream at me hoping that I will bleed from your wounds

I make you sick, so you can’t breathe

So you decided we had to be enemies

I’ve done nothing to you, but you can’t let it be

We didn’t have to be enemies.

I walk the

High road away from you.

Only God knows what I did to you.

This is the life I have, and what I choose

Is to walk the high road, the high road away from you

I walk away, I walk away, because you wanted to be enemies.

All I wanted was to be left alone, to spend my days in solitude

What I’m healing from is none of your concern

Just leave me in peace to tend my wounds

Your threats and your unkind words

Make it harder for me, and won’t heal you.

A truth that has surely eluded


Deep inside, do you know that you are the enemy?

Change me, rearrange me, make me your enemy.

Make me your enemy.

I walk the

High road away from you

Only God knows what I did to you.

This is the life I have, and what I choose

Is to walk the high road, the high road away from you.

I walk away, I walk away, because you wanted to be enemies.


Adults being bullied at work #bullies

Today I got the nerve up to report 3 bullies at work. It was so bad that it triggered the depression in my PTSD and I had to check myself into the hospital to protect myself from harming myself. #Depression #Emptiness #fearful #Suicide #self -care #Love yourself


When the bullies always win #bullies #Bullying #spiritualabuse

I had a wonderful post and then I hit something on my computer and lost it all.

I'm a survivor of childhood bullying and of spiritual abuse. What do you do when the bullies always win?  What do you do when it's impossible to figure out the truth?  What do you do when everyone can "prove" they are right and use facts to "prove" their point?  What do you do when you are afraid to say what you think because you fear being blamed, shamed, and shunned, even among people who have been welcoming to you?   And what do you do when underneath all of t hose questions is the belief, "I don't know, and it's impossible to find any answers."
I also have debt, a child with a disability, and multiple health issues, both physical and mental.  I'm so tired of doctors.  My only role in life is to keep the health care sector of the GDP pumped up.  The day I die, several health care providers will either go bankrupt or see a serious drop in income.   
I'm tired of people being at each other's throats and feeling like I'm "supposed" to do something about it but I can't.  I feel as if my point of view is not welcome.

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