I am so silly. I thought I would renew my medical marijuana card. Now I’m thinking of canceling my appt., but I prepaid. I have had it two years and honestly I have not found the right edible for my insomnia or anxiety. I don’t smoke. So I really haven’t tried real hard to find the right thing because of the expense and not liking how the edibles make me feel. The edibles are mainly THC. I know it would be better for it to have a one to one ratio with Cbd. Anyway, So I always go back to the Lunesta or a benzodiazepine. I will lose my money and probably cannot get a refund if I don’t keep my appt., but I don’t want to drive 2 hours away either for my appt. I wasn’t aware that our clinic had closed here in town, which is where I went the last two years. I was hoping to get off of the Lunesta because I’ve been on it so long, and replace with something like the marijuana. Any advice? I just need someone that’s familiar with all of this I am dealing with to help me out. Please. 😢 #MedicalMarijuana #Cannabis #edibles #pills