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What's bothering me today? Being single in 2022.

I know its better to get it out than to keep it in so here it goes.

This is a guy who "likes" me and I guess is trying to impress me. I no longer use medical marijuana because although it helps my anxiety it doesn't exactly help my depression so I've taken other routes to supporting my mental health that have been working. I know he's trying to be nice and "joking" but possibly because I know him, this rubbed me the wrong way and I'll tell you why later.

Conversation on social media:

Him: Makes post on social media of sweet treats.

Me: You eat edibles now?

Him: I'm getting better so I can hang with you.

Me: I haven't done it in quite a while so you're way ahead of me.

Him: What! Are you okay? Do I need to make a delivery. Lol

Me:Wait...not doing eds means I'm not okay?? 🤔 Backwards nation we're living in lol 🥴

Him: Whats up, why u not doin well? Bc you haven't had any

Me: What?

Him: Haven't had any weed? I'm not bein fresh

Me:Am I suppose to have it? Lol I'm not being fresh either lol

Him: So what do want? Drink, food or other?

Me: I'm good. Thank you.

Him: Np ❤️ smarty 😂😂

Why did this conversation bother me?

#1 : When you tell someone you're not drinking or smoking and they ask you are you okay? My question is," Why do YOU feel the need to drink and smoke and are you okay?"

Nowadays when you choose to be sober in a drug addicted world, others see it as strange or you're the one who's not okay. 🥴 Weird.

#2 : When you tell someone you're not drinking or smoking and they still offer or ask do you want some?

This is my life and my journey. Of course I can always kindly and simply say no thank you but nobody should be put in the position to be questioned and to explain themselves as to why they don't want to do something that they don't want to do.

#3 : I have a medical card and can get marijuana whenever I need it. I told him I haven't done it in quite a while but he still offered me some. I don't need a stanger dropping off weed to me. This bothers me because people who don't have access or money would have fallen into this trap and taken off their journey not to mention the safety and security concerns. I especially want women to be careful in situations like this but everyone should use their best judgment.

#4 I get that I am who I attract and I attract who I am but come on universe what this be? Lol Right now I'm in my own little world, healing in my own little universe. I see situations like these as tests. I believe when you're moving into a new chapter in your life the universe will see if you're ready to move forward and im ready. Nothing is going to have me go backwards. Upward and onwards is the only direction I'm headed.

#5 Why did I relate this to being single? Because we would have never met and exchanged numbers if I was in a relationship. We met twice previously and never even indulged in any weed together. He's not a bad guy but trying to impress me this way is a major turn off.

Okay, rant done! Good night 🌃

#Depression #MedicalMarijuana #Anxiety #Dating #weed #single #Life


Does anyone use medical marijuana?

I have just had my first consultation for medical marijuana and I feel very overwhelmed.

I am using it primarily for tics and PTSD.

Does anyone use it who might have some suggestions on where to start or what has worked for them? #MedicalMarijuana

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LVL - New UK Chronic Pain Study. Anyone heard of it?

I have seen a new post in the articles talking about using medicinal cannabis for chronic pain. It has been featured in quite a few news articles such as guardian, daily mail and etc. Was wondering if anyone has heard of it?

Would be helpful to gain an insight into this, as i am thinking of joining for my back pain.

#ChronicPain #MedicalCannabis #Cannabis #MedicalMarijuana #Pain

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#depressed pet lover feeling sorry for herself - #Pets #Falling #Injury #Pain #Grief #MedicalMarijuana

I'm #fat . I'm also very unsteady; I have spatial equilibrium issues and my ankles roll inward when I walk/stand and are bad at maintaining my balance. I guess it's not surprising that, when attempting to bring boxes indoors, I tripped (wearing sandals, catching on the door frame) and flew headfirst into the entryway wall, my chest hitting more boxes, ending up on my butt. What may be a simple fall for some people isn't so simple for me. As much as that hurt, what hurt even worse was trying to stand back up by putting my weight on one of my knees. That knee is now having nerve spasms and is sensitive to the touch. It's red and hot and the skin feels electric, in the worst way. I may have septic bursitis, but I may not know until I get in to see a doctor, an impossibility this week, the week we will have to put down our dog.

The only thing that's helped this lingering, frequent pain was medical marijuana, but I can't keep popping gummies, wasting the day. (If it kills pain, it "kills" my brain. I haven't found a variety that helps numb the pain without numbing my brain and making things fuzzy.)

We said goodbye to our most beloved cat around two months ago. Mourning is now my modus operandi. I know little else. If it's not painful, how do I even know if I'm awake?


Does medical marijuana help your symptoms (THC, CBD)?

I tried sprays, drops, creams recommended by a neurologist. Nothing has worked for pain. A few times I feel I got more fatigued.

#MultipleSclerosis #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MedicalMarijuana


Opinions? Please?❤️

I am so silly. I thought I would renew my medical marijuana card. Now I’m thinking of canceling my appt., but I prepaid. I have had it two years and honestly I have not found the right edible for my insomnia or anxiety. I don’t smoke. So I really haven’t tried real hard to find the right thing because of the expense and not liking how the edibles make me feel. The edibles are mainly THC. I know it would be better for it to have a one to one ratio with Cbd. Anyway, So I always go back to the Lunesta or a benzodiazepine. I will lose my money and probably cannot get a refund if I don’t keep my appt., but I don’t want to drive 2 hours away either for my appt. I wasn’t aware that our clinic had closed here in town, which is where I went the last two years. I was hoping to get off of the Lunesta because I’ve been on it so long, and replace with something like the marijuana. Any advice? I just need someone that’s familiar with all of this I am dealing with to help me out. Please. 😢 #MedicalMarijuana #Cannabis #edibles #pills