17 years ago I had 2 bad(on the inside) recreational accidents. I got thrown onto a lava outcropping by 2 hard rogue waves...two months later while sledding in the snow, we hit a deep divet, hard, the whiplash was a 20 on the pain scale of 10. But very little damage showed up on my body, rock cuts and bruises, all the rest was inside my body. Fast forward... I am a completely useless mass of bones, blood vessels, etc; I hardly qualify for the definition of a human.
My hubby has always been supportive and caring, truly I know I am the luckiest to have him.
BUT.... I am definitely getting weaker and the MDD, PDD are dragging me closer to the edge. We went to my neurologist yesterday for Botox, he went in with me,for the specific reason to get the dr to ok contrast in my next MRI. Today I found a passage that was pretty accurate at describing me.... I read it to my hubby and he replied that he didn't think it describes me, now.
WHAT THE 🤬🤯🤬 heck do I do, if he doesn't really "see me", the drs that never have, never will. I only have one answer...the one where no one will need to see me 🤯😱🤮💤💤💤💤permanent sleep. #NothingLeftInTheTank #63Feel93 #EFTH #🙏ForReliefOrDeath