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My book is copy edited

What a great day. My copy editor got my book back to me today all I got to do is review her final notes.

The picture is my first draft of the cover for the cover designer which is just waiting on the final number of pages after I review the book.

I'm just waiting on Grow the 12-step program to see if they want the book or just the money from it either way.

They're having a meeting sometime in the next month I'm trying to get up there and go to it myself.

Thank you too the Mighty or my public stories. Some of them are in the book.

Especially kat Harrison. The mightiest lady on here.

And thanks to all the mighty users that have supported me through this.

#Autism #biolar #Epilepsy #emotionaldelay


Dealing with people assuming you're slow

#Dyspraxia #emotionaldelay
How to deal with people assuming you're slow.

Most people in public assume that I'm slow. Some people are shocked that I'm smart enough to talk. This thread is about how I've learned to deal with it.

I don't have to pretend to be stupid. I look and sound that way anyway. I'm very far from it though. Most of my life I've dealt with being called that word. It happens at least every fourth or fifth time I'm out in public.

I must admit before I say anything else that a lot of times I can't help myself but say something smartass I'm a natural asshole.

On the other hand here are some things to to help you handle these situations without being an asshole like me.

When somebody assumes that you're slow it gives you all power. They've already assumed that you're not smart enough to do something.

You can either:

Continue to let them think you're slow.

Do something smart when you want to.

In either case they're not expecting you to do anything.

When people tell me while I was playing stupid. I tell them

No you assumed I slow all on your own.

There's nothing wrong with letting them go on assuming you're slow cuz they're not expecting you to do anything so you're not going to have to do anything.

For example I went into public aid one time.

The boss lady said to the clerk, he's probably slow so you'll have to do the paperwork for him.

I just kind of mumbled and handed her my ID

That's a prime example and because when they assume you're slow. They have to do anything for you

As far as people that aren't going to have to do anything for you are just people off the street.

The people that matter don't mind and the people of mind don't matter.

If they can't take the time to see past your mannerisms or movements or sound of your voice then they're not worth the time the bother with.

Being yourself and being honest won't get you the most friends but it gets you the right friends.

That's what this is about is the right people.

The right people are the people that don't mind

Awareness is knowing we're out there.