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Dealing with people assuming you're slow

#Dyspraxia #emotionaldelay
How to deal with people assuming you're slow.

Most people in public assume that I'm slow. Some people are shocked that I'm smart enough to talk. This thread is about how I've learned to deal with it.

I don't have to pretend to be stupid. I look and sound that way anyway. I'm very far from it though. Most of my life I've dealt with being called that word. It happens at least every fourth or fifth time I'm out in public.

I must admit before I say anything else that a lot of times I can't help myself but say something smartass I'm a natural asshole.

On the other hand here are some things to to help you handle these situations without being an asshole like me.

When somebody assumes that you're slow it gives you all power. They've already assumed that you're not smart enough to do something.

You can either:

Continue to let them think you're slow.

Do something smart when you want to.

In either case they're not expecting you to do anything.

When people tell me while I was playing stupid. I tell them

No you assumed I slow all on your own.

There's nothing wrong with letting them go on assuming you're slow cuz they're not expecting you to do anything so you're not going to have to do anything.

For example I went into public aid one time.

The boss lady said to the clerk, he's probably slow so you'll have to do the paperwork for him.

I just kind of mumbled and handed her my ID

That's a prime example and because when they assume you're slow. They have to do anything for you

As far as people that aren't going to have to do anything for you are just people off the street.

The people that matter don't mind and the people of mind don't matter.

If they can't take the time to see past your mannerisms or movements or sound of your voice then they're not worth the time the bother with.

Being yourself and being honest won't get you the most friends but it gets you the right friends.

That's what this is about is the right people.

The right people are the people that don't mind

Awareness is knowing we're out there.



Social emotional delay

One of the things that I've never really came out about before this last 6 months was a social and emotional delay that I had.

I'm about 15 years behind in Social and emotional maturity. Now that I'm 50 that doesn't really mean that much but when I was 20 it was a damn problem.

I basically just stopped developing socially at around 6 yo or 7 yoand then I started again around 21 or 22. I am very fortunate that it started again not everybody is as lucky as I have been. .

I missed most all of third grade in a large children's hospital in a developmental disabilities Ward. One of the things I had to learn there was what emotions were. I didn't know that I was acting the way I was because I was feeling a certain way. I didn't know that other people had feelings too.

Besides my hard work I've had a lot of people help me in my life as a number of Great mentors I've also been fortunate to have some good doctors. Along with a lot of hard work on my part I'm still have matured..



Stay or go?

I have to do laundry. I have to LEAVE to go TO the Laundromat. When I Leave Hannah with my 18 year old child, or heck, even my husband when he's home, chances are Hannah will find a way to go down the stairs from her room and get into the kitchen and her dad's room to take things. She's a little klepto. I can say until I am blue in the fact, dear child please understand that these are not your items. They do not belong to you. And she either does not understand or understands but chooses to just blow right by what I said.
Yeah, figure it out. But I know that when I leave this house I will return to the mystery of what Hannah took today. And it will be my job to find those things, repair/clean/return to owner.
That's my time off. Score.   #Caregiving #DevelopmentalDelay   #DevelopmentalDelay   #ineedabreak

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VNS Journey

My daughter had her first visibly recognizable seizure 15 years ago this month (April 15, 2004), it was extremely tough to watch my child go from blank stares that I could not get her to break from to a completely stiff body then full body, uncontrollable jerks. We thought this may have been cause by an illness, a fever until it happened again, and different instances of stares, some quick moments of the jerking. I can’t remember the date when she was officially diagnosed with a seizure disorder/epilepsy but, I know she’s had a long history of mixed seizure types; Grand mal, generalized tonic-clonic (with clusters), myoclonic (jerking), dialectic (staring), nocturnal. All of that lead her neurologist diagnosing her with Intractable& catamenial epilepsy. On March 12th, she was implanted with the Cyberonics SenTiva for VNS therapy to help her with intractable . Intractable are seizures that fail to come under control easily with medication. VNS- vagus nerve stimulation is supposed to help reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures. It’s been 6 weeks/42 days since “implantable parts” have been placed with hopes of helping with her fight against seizures, how is it going? Have the seizures stopped?

Things are going well! I’m thankful we decided to get the VNS. The seizures have not completely stopped. However, they have NOT grown in rapid intensity like they used to before VNS. In the past, I have watched Kerstin start having small seizures that may start with a stare, then the face twitches increasing to the jerking and the only thing that could be done was staying close to her, reassuring her that I was there, hoping it would soon stop. Sometimes they would, a lot of times they would not, causing a need for Diastat or at really bad seizures she would need 2. The aftermath; she would be so groggy, sleeping for hours and hours. Since VNS placement, when a seizure is spotted, a swipe is given, sends pulses thru the nerve to her brain to slow the activity. We journey on!
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