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Only you can be you!

As I approach 60 (yeah!😄), I’ve been hyper aware of how the media portrays older people; how people expect older people to “behave”. I’ve felt anger, self-doubt; frustration regarding how do I handle these emotions? Through years of reflecting, journaling, I realized I needed to hang onto the person I’ve always been; stick to my principles and beliefs. I fit no stereotype. I’m me, and I love who I am. #GAD , #Bipolar1 , #emotionalspousalabuse , #psychologicalspousalsbuse , #ADD , #ADHD , #PTSD

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What’s in an age?

I’ll be 60 this year!😀 #Ageism runs rampant in our society. Other than life insurance ads, prescription & otc med ads, etc etc—oh! let’s not forget cell phone plans for seniors (I guess we’re ALL struggling financially with no one to talk to), we seniors are praised or condemned if we “look” or “act” “young”. I’m trying to reconcile me being me while society sees me differently. Ha! One of the positives of living with chronic mental illness is learning hard earned lessons in taking care of myself, emotionally, spiritually, physically; knowing the value in keeping my head & heart open to teachable moments; savoring the priceless gift of wisdom gained. There’s no time limit on any of this! Dark days still feel horrendous but I know I must hang onto knowing light will reappear! I am THRILLED to still fight the good fight, everyday! #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #ADD #ADHD #emotionalspousalabuse #psychologicalspousalabuse #physicakabuse #PTSD #Loneliness #Ageism #Racism