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    Do not interact with me if you believe that equality movements are “no longer needed” | TW mentions of racism, sexism, sexual assault, transphobia

    Also TW for some caps and swearing
    Some a-hole on a Fandom page claims that equality movements such as Black Lives Matter and MeToo are “no longer needed since it’s popular in Western society”.

    …Excuse me?!

    Black trans women are still being murdered to this day. Many women are still getting raped to this day. And DO NOT SAY “but men get raped too” as an excuse! Yes, it’s sad and it should never happen to ANYONE, but saying that as a combat is just an attempt to excuse the situation or make it seem little. It’s sickening and gross.

    Black folks are still being targeted for racism especially by the authorities. Black churches are burning. Asians were JUST compared to the virus not that long ago and still are today (please don’t say the virus name, it haunts me). Non-white folks and LGBTQ+ folks are still facing unfair challenges such as pay gaps, unequal healthcare, sexist/racist/queerphobic remarks on a day to fucking day basis. Non-binary and genderqueer folks are STILL often ignored in our society.

    Just because they are fucking popular sayings or beliefs DOESN’T MEAN that there are little issues or that they’re “no longer needed”. That is such a horrible, disgusting, pig-ish way to even look at this. These are still big fucking issues that we deal with not just here, but in this world as well. They still exist on a daily basis and it’s hurting many of us, and to say that bullcrap is just so fucking selfish! 😡😡😡

    #blacklivesmatter #Feminism #stopAAIPhate #unfair #triggerwarning #Sexism #Racism #Racism #MeToo #ignorance #anger

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    4 Designs I created using Experimental Typography

    Created 4 art pieces using found objects to create typography pieces on for major subjects:

    All in turn causes major symptoms in #ChronicIllness


    Tired #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #ADHD #Racism

    I'm so tired. The evil in this world is exhausting. Depression is exhausting. Experiencing racism is exhausting. Crying is exhausting. Scrambled brain and thoughts are exhausting. Awaiting approval for disability benefits is exhausting. During this waiting period I guess they hope that you get better or you get worse and decide to leave this world so they won't have to pay. I've worked over 30 years and the reality is even on medications my depression has gotten worse. I stopped driving and leaving the house because my brain feels like it's in a fog. I'm desperately trying to hang in there.


    What’s in an age?

    I’ll be 60 this year!😀 #Ageism runs rampant in our society. Other than life insurance ads, prescription & otc med ads, etc etc—oh! let’s not forget cell phone plans for seniors (I guess we’re ALL struggling financially with no one to talk to), we seniors are praised or condemned if we “look” or “act” “young”. I’m trying to reconcile me being me while society sees me differently. Ha! One of the positives of living with chronic mental illness is learning hard earned lessons in taking care of myself, emotionally, spiritually, physically; knowing the value in keeping my head & heart open to teachable moments; savoring the priceless gift of wisdom gained. There’s no time limit on any of this! Dark days still feel horrendous but I know I must hang onto knowing light will reappear! I am THRILLED to still fight the good fight, everyday! #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #ADD #ADHD #emotionalspousalabuse #psychologicalspousalabuse #physicakabuse #PTSD #Loneliness #Ageism #Racism

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    Black Lives Matter Should Not Be A Trend To White People

    I remember the news of George Floyd’s passing. I remember it so vividly. I remember seeing the video of him. I cry and I hurt so badly every time I replay it in my mind.

    You may be asking why, why does it bother me so much? It bothers me because I realized that my very existence is expendable to those who are in authority positions, like the police, government etc.

    I am also part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Having multiple intersecting oppressions makes life extremely difficult at times. It’s hard to see my friends, family and comrades be targeted for living their authentic lives.

    Unfortunately, inequality based on race and skin color will always exist until white people treating social movements like Black Lives Matter as trendy topics to tweet about affer getting their morning coffee.

    Our struggles as Black people are real and raw. White people need to stop expecting us to educate them on why racism is an important issue to combat. Start learning about the roots of racism and use your privilege and power to help ease our suffering.

    I notice that after every death, the trend comes back. I am not saying, by any means, that it is not good to talk about but white people need to get off their keyboards and get into protests. Instead of tweeting their own takes on these issues, I so longingly urge them to step away and amplify a Black individuals take on the matter.

    Remember, there is no change without action. There is no change without revolution. There is no change without love. There is no change without hope.

    Please start talking, but more importantly, start acting. Our lives are not a trend. They are precious. #Racism #blacklivesmatter

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