Hello! I’m new to The Mighty and almost new to polyamory. A year ago, my husband and I decided to open our marriage. He decided he is polyamorous and I decided I am just ENM. At first I didn’t think anything about it but recently (the last month or two) I got really upset and jealous of him and his other lovers. I got jealous because he fell in love with one of them and gave her a small gift for Christmas. I didn’t like that he gave her such a thoughtful, meaningful gift. It was just a small stuffed bee (representing their first date at a meadery) but it hurt me because it was so thoughtful. I felt like my heart broke. I’m not perfect. Far from it. I lied to him about meeting my first partner at a coffee shop and instead went to his house. I know now how stupid that was of me. That was my first experience with ENM and I was nervous and afraid to admit that I was going to someone’s house instead of meeting him in public first. There were two other instances where I lied/omitted the truth. Needless to say he doesn’t trust me now. Sorry if this post is too long and you’re wondering what the point is. My point is how do you deal with jealousy of your polyamorous partner?

#Polyamory #Jealousy #ENM