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Expectations..#Expecations always hurts#

Expecations always hurts may be a old phrase but it worth phrase than anymore..

We expect love..attention..each and every emotion we expect from our loved ones..but when we didnt get back it hurts more than toothache lolz..# A girl who grown up with many struggles and who didnt have a proper dads love ..defintely expects more love from a husband..if it fails that was an very emotional killing inside feeling.. Girls can move on ..Girls can be strong ..will be strong..have to be strong..YES ..Girls can be strong beacuse they knew when man stops.loving her respect her hard work she have to face him& she have to love him more including his love she have to love her self and love her husband..YES..Girls will be strong during her childhood she starts being strong depending on her environment the people sourrounded by her ..YES she have to be strong to fight with her life..freedom...what to wear..how to talk..last but not least how to walk ..very funny these days..a normal.phrase aajkal sab kuch badal gaya..but not at all..aaajkal tho nahi after 20 years also girl will be girl..treat as a girl..#Girls STAY SAFE..# BE BOLD..#FOLLOW YOUR HEART#GO GIRL#