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New neck and shoulder pain

As all fibro sufferers know the pain and symptoms move from place to place on a day by day basis. My worst pain is typically in my legs and feet. The past few days the pain has been horrible in my neck and shoulders. Does anyone have suggestions on how to try and settle it down even just a little bit? #Fibromyalgia # seizures #chronic fatigue #chronc pain #Depression #Anxiety

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So frustrated

May trigger some.

It's 2:45 am where I live. I was sitting on the side of the bed because my best friend/lover was bringing me a BC Powder that I was praying might ease some pain somewhere. Lately I'm #MentalHealth # pain 24/7. The only difference from day to day is the degree of pain. Anyway I opened it and poured it on my tongue. As I was taking a drink I must have inhaled some because I began to violently cough. Coughing happens to be a trigger for my C-PTSD because I can't breathe properly. Then because I was violently Coughing I couldn't control my bladder. My friend started to pat my back which is a no-no. So as I was coughing violently, I was peeing the bed, fighting my brain from disacociating and pushing his hand away while I croaked out a NO, which he would know I was triggered. Then I spent the next half hour sitting on the toilet while violently hacking my lungs up. Cussing in between breathes and asking God, how much longer do I have to deal with this crap. Please just allow me to come home. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal. Had a long discussion with my Dr 2 weeks ago. She's understanding.
Being in almost constant pain daily is mentally exhausting. But I get through it. I count my blessings and try to keep a smile on my face. #MentalHealth #chronic Pain #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

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#chronic Pain

First off wanted to say I’m so glad to have found a community of believers that I could relate to with medical issues.

Lately things with my health has been pretty tough. I deal with EDS and just recently have been struggling with lower back pain that’s been shooting down both of my legs. Turns out from an MRI that I am dealing with a severely herniated disc and and another moderately herniated disc above that one.

I’ve dealt with pain all of my life, that’s not new. It’s just right now the pain I’m experiencing now is consistently over my already high pain tolerance and I’m really have a tough time.

Thankfully some time next week I should get news on when a surgery slot will open up to handle the misplaced discs but until that time I’m definitely struggling.

Any ideas on how to distract myself or find some form of relief through this?

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Feeling low

Hi Im new here. I have #Depression and suffer from #chronic Pain, #Anxiety . To make a long story short since 2013 /2014 Ive had chronic pain and trauma. My mom passed away 2014 from cancer stage 4. (My dad and I looked after her). From then I moved, had tension headaches, several operations. In 2019 I developed a rare disease trigimenal neuralgia from a dentist. I got a blood clot last year in my left leg. This year June 14th 2023 I had brain surgery. All went so well. Then a month later got another blood clot in my right leg. Im so tired of medication, doctors, anxiety and tiredness.

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× " 👋 There Mighty Family"× #CheckingIn

° " Well I Had An Excellent Day At Work.... Maybe It Was Pure Luck Or My Kindness... That I Earned $12 In Tip's And A Customer Said To My Boss That I Was Very Kind And Very Helpful And Attentive.. My Boss Told Her... Insert Sarcasm Here ~ " That's Why I'm Her Favorite " I Know That's B.S. But Whatever Then My Co-Worker's... Like Alway's Have To Throw A Fit. "WELL GOOD THING'S CAN HAPPEN... " If They Actually Did What My Boss Ask's Of Them... And Don't Constantly Miss Work... I'm Exhusted And ▪︎ Please No Negative Dumb Comment's ▪︎ Sincerely, ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆ #Depression #chronic Pain

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Splash5028.I'm here because I have been in pain for almost a year now and just when I was starting to recover, another condition hit and threw me back into pain.I am so tired of tying to hold my life together. I feel like I'm constantly taking one step forward and then two steps backwards. My family loves me but isn't very good at offering emotional support.Today, i am just exhausted. I hurt physically. I'm afraid that my life is falling apart and i have no control over anything. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself and torn between trying harder and just saying "F it" and turning on Gilligan's Island.can anyone related to this?

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #Migraine #EatingDisorder #chronic #ChronicPain

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Hey everyone! Stomach condition continues to be rocky, but my days have been good these past few days. However, I’m scared this isn’t going to last forever, but I’m trying to remain hopeful. Have a great day everyone! #stomachcondition #GIissues #chronic #Anxiety #Undiagnosed

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♤ " Peek-A-Boo! MIGHTY FAM... It's Been Awhile. " ♤ #Depression #Workaholic #chronic Pain

☆ " H.A.P.P.Y 4th Of July " Everyone In The U.S.A... So I Was Struggling For A Bit With My #Anxiety × #Depression ... I Have Been On A Wierd Jouney.. I Have Also Been Working Non Stop.. And I Came Up Short $100 For Rent. I Got That Fixed I Went To Go Get Rid Of Jewlerly That I Didn't Want.. And No Not My Viking 💍. That Definitely Stay's With Me... But I'm OK Now.. So On To My Curious Journey.. As Alot Of You Know I Use Uber To Go Anywhere And To Work.. I Met One Guy Who Was Super Nice And Funny.. And Now I Cannot Forget His Face Sigh... And The Next Day.. I Catched My Ride To Work And Some Other Dude Decide To Hit On Me... He Asked Me Out.. I Kindly Said No Thank You.... And Then This Morning An Older Guy Hit On Me... It's Flattering But Annoying Lolz.. Then This Older Guy Was Like Oh I Never Forget A Beautiful Face... Insert " Eye Roll "... So That's Been My Adventure.."☆ #severe Insomnia × Skaoi Kvitravn ×

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Truly listen 👂💗😶

Listening to someone is harder than it sounds it's important to truly listen to someone from the heart ❤️ including ourselves 💗 Do you have anyone in your life who hears you? Are you able to give that to someone else.??? I will try and so better 😿🙀 # anxiety #chronic illness
#Depression #Asking for help is ok💖

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