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    A laugh for your weekend #chronic pain#Disability #Depression #mighty pets

    Mama !
    I sneezed my ears off !


    I love you !#chronic pain#Disability #Depression

    Hey you out there in Mightyland.
    I love you ! Yes, you !
    If people can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason !

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    Doggie love ! #chronic pain#Disability #Depression #mighty pets

    This is a previous post when the photo didn't come thru. It's my little Russell giving his Auntie Sandy a doggie kiss, as she takes 5 min off from kitchen duties on Thanksgiving !


    I’ve heard of a good thing for loneliness

    I’ve heard an amazing place for loneliness that helps you to get connected. It’s called belugapods , look out for it on in Sta and give it support.
    #Loneliness #chronic #Connections #find #goodfind #helpful #MentalHealth #warriors #Anxiety #depressipn #help #taboo #breakthetaboo


    Pet love is the best love ! #chronic pain#Disability #Depression #mighty pets

    Pet love is the best love, just when you need it !
    My little Russell is giving his Auntie Sandy some doggie love just when she needed it !
    (she was finally sitting down after having everything under control in the kitchen as we prepared Thanksgiving dinner.)
    No wonder we all love you Russell !🐾💜🐕

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    At last !#Disability #chronic pain#Depression #mighty pets

    After waiting all day for the turkey to cook, the humans to eat it, then their after dinner pies, finally and AT LAST I get to celebrate too with my own plate of Thanksgiving nibbles.
    Life is good !🐾🐕

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    Are you listening to me ?#chronic pain#Disability #Depression #mighty pets

    "I want to go outside. Now.
    Are you listening to me ?"

    This is Missy, my brother's dog, trying hard to get me to take her outside as I am trying to read the newspaper !
    Happy Thanksgiving !


    Dare to dream ! #chronic pain#Disability #Depression

    My niece, who's 18 and in college, recently asked me "Auntie, do you have any important advise for me ?"
    I thought for a minute and answered
    "Yes !"
    "Don't be afraid to dream !"
    "I know you're studying and busy focusing on college life. But don't be afraid to dream !
    I've already told you that you are a descendant of Francis Cooke (1583-1663) who came over on the Mayflower.
    He had dreams....
    Religious freedom.
    A new home to bring his wife and children to.
    It would be a rough journey and he knew it. But he held fast to his dreams. And he survived even tho many on that voyage did not survive that cold, wet winter. And his wife and children did join him in their new home. And did become successful.
    He had no way to predict the future, but 13 generations later, here you are !
    And to think, it all started with a dream !"
    "So don't be afraid ! Dare to dream ! "
    She listened then said "wow. "
    "I'm been so busy with school and everything. I guess I just needed to give myself permission to dream. "
    "And now I will !"
    Auntie ? Can I take Russell for a walk ?"(lol)
    She then leaned over and whispered "I REALLY needed to hear that ! I'm glad you're my aunt "
    I watched as my little dog Russell happily trotted beside her, excited to go on a walk.
    And to think, it all started with a dream.

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    My son-in-law and his dog ! #chronic pain#Disability #Depression #mighty pets

    This is my son-in-law , who's known by his famous words :
    "We're NOT getting a dog. Period. Don't ask again. Period.
    End of discussion. Period."


    White knuckle day

    Struggling with RA Gout fatigue and severe pain since 330am. 6pm now. Using journaling prayer supplements compression breath work reading fun books light gardening and careful with nutrition resting pacing myself. Very tough times.#anxiety#rheumatoid Arthritis #Depression #chronic pain