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    Counting my blessings #PTSD #chronic pain #ChronicIllnessEDS #Spoonies

    This might be long, if so I apologize. I asked my best friend to drop me over at my son's while he visits his family, which he did. I took my son and long time gf a new phone that I had activated it already. They were renting a house with another couple. That couple had his grown son and his fiance move in because they needed a place. That started this person moving in or that one moving out. Not sure why but rent wasn't getting paid so they ended up getting a summons to court (I believe there were 7 names listed as living there). My son and his gf are the only ones who appeared. I mad sure and took them. The judge gave them two weeks to vacate. My son was like, why did we go since we still got evicted. I told him "you went to hold yourself accountable. That's respectable!" When I was explaining to mom she asked how much their rent was because she was going to offer to pay it. It was to much. So today when I got to their house my son was just getting to leave to take another load to my storage that had lots of room using his bicycle and a bicycle cart. It was 36 degrees and dropping. I texted my friend and asked if I could borrow his car so my son isn't getting his stuff in storage this way. Since they have to be out by noon tomorrow he would have had to work throughout the night. My friend says, no problem. When my son got back and came in to warm up I told him I'm borrowing the car. He had the new phone in his hands looking at it and he looks at me and says, "I'm not sure who you talked to that helped buy this phone but thank you. Plus helping to make sure we get our things in storage I really appreciate all that you do to help us out.

    He has never really ever taken anything for granted because we never had much more than bill money. He has always shown me respect. I sometimes doesn't think he understands that when I became a mom I took on: what I call being a mom and it doesn't stop when you grow up. Different kids might need mom for different reasons. I talked about counting my blessings because I am grateful for every day. I could have easily lost my life when I was with my abusive ex. I'm grateful that I'm able to help each of my 3 grown children. I'm grateful I have an extremely supportive, the best friend ever and lover all rolled into one amazing man. Since I had to move out of my apartment I no longer have to wait out in the cold for public transportation. I'm very grateful for that. I'm not sure why I shared all this. Maybe I just needed to put it down in words. I hope everyone that reads this takes the time to think of 1 thing they are grateful for.

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    Today's smile is compliments of Russell ! #chronic pain#Disability #Depression #MightyPets

    🎶every breath you take,
    every move you make,
    I'll be watching you 🎶

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    ° " Deep Thought's And No Sleep At All Anymore.. " ° #Insomniac #chronic Pain #Arthritis

    ° " Sooo Idk Why People Alway's Assume That I'm Going To Alway's Come In On My Very Few Day's Off ??? UM NO!! They Keep Getting Mad At Me For Keeping My Phone Off Or Not Answering Text's... Well Hello It's My Day Off.. I Don't Understand The Mentality Of These People Like I'm Just Supposed To Just Drop Everything For Them... Just Because They Can't Handle Customer's At All... Or Bother To Keep Thing's Clean And In Order... I'm Trying To Have A Life Outside Of My Job.. And Working On My ♿.. But These People Don't Want To Understand And Just Assume That I Don't Want To Help... I Do Help All The Time... And I Don't Get Anything For It. Not Even A Thank You! But Want To Abuse My Kindness And Not See That I'm Disabled At All... This Job Is Depressing And Draining..." ° Sincerely, •●○ Skaoi Kvitravn ○●• #Thought 's

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    New research reveals connections between certain gut bacteria and chronic fatigue syndrome, an ailment often connected to long COVID. #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #ChronicFatigue #chronic #MECFS #microbiome #GutBacteria #HealthyGut


    I'm new here

    Hello, I am Wolf1 and i'm here because #chronic pain #chronic fatigue #SED anxiety #Asthma

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    Life experience #PTSD #MentalHealth #chronic pain

    I wanted to write a book in hopes that all the trials life has brought me might help others. But that's just it; my life experiences. I have no idea how to begin such a plan. Then the more I thought about it, the less appealing it was. I know my grown children would want to read it and there are things in my life they don't need details of. So I will continue to share on The Mighty where I feel what I have to offer is most helpful.

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    Praise be to God in suffering! #god #chronic pain #Rare Chronic Illness

    Praise be to God for receiving us through the trial of pain and its hardships of suffering that strengthen and shape us into something new; and help us to grow in long-suffering toward spiritual maturity. Remember that God‘s love for those that suffer is unwavering. Abundant grace and infinite wisdom are found at the heart of chronic physical suffering.
    Stay strong everyone and pray to endure! Amen!

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    #loner boner!

    ##chronic pain #loner# depression#anxiety#mighty together # check in with me

    Since having all my chronic problems family and friends went away🤔🤔!