I don't even know whether to treat this place like a FB or a Twitter or an Instagram or what, that's how new I am here. *shrug* But I am talkative enough some days, and today's your lucky day. Er, well [looks at clock] night, as the case may be.

That's another thing... I'm a nightowl. I usually go to sleep about the time the sun rises. Just the way I am. I used to fake it through a workweek with a handful of OTC sleeping pills to get enough sleep before time to go to work, but now that I don't [can't] work, no reason to down a half dozen diphenhydramine a night to get to sleep before my body is ready. So, I'm up at 1:30 AM, posting in [to me] a strange, new world!

I found my way here because of an article stating us chronic pain sufferers have been right the whole time, and our opioid use hasn't been the reason for all the overdoses in the USA, after all! Well... no freaking kidding!

Blame the cheap fentanyl being smuggled in from overseas in those giant shipping containers that we dont have enough personnel to personally inspect. Not the "caravans" or an "open border" or any of that nonsense, either. It's those semi-trailer sized shipping containers coming over on giant barges, stacked 3 and 4 high, dozens deep, and dozens wide, that we can't possibly police, that this cheap fentanyl is coming from.

No, I dont know this with 100% certainty... after all, I'm not a smuggler, nor a customs officer, and never have been, but I know the size of those containers, the volume they can hold, and I know our customs agents don't have the manpower or funding to check out all of those hundreds of containers PER SHIP coming in every day. My 2 cents' worth, for whatever it's worth. 😄

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