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Radiofrequency Ablation

#Hello All,

I had a consultation today for a Intrathecal Pain Pump or Spinal Cord Stimulation to control my Chronic Pain. I thought I had done everything else I could do.

The Doctor asked if I heard of Radiofrequency Ablation, I had never heard of this.

So I'm wondering if any one of you have tried any of the things listed above and would you recommend it

to treat Chronic Pain?

I appreciate and thank you for any input.

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Don't #worry Your Sweet Self

#Hello my friends. It's me again. Here is a photo of my emotional support baby girl, Tali. She was named after an NCIS show character. She always comes to the rescue when I start to cry. Somehow, she just detects when an emotional episode is about to occur. She maybe detects something in my breathing, or some other cue.

When I #cry she gives me #puppykisses . I seem to need her more and more these days.

Do you have an #Emotionalsupport animal?

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Kia ora ('hello', in Te Reo Māori) from New Zealand.

I'm new here and excited to be part of such a brave and beautiful community.

I am a creative by trade and by nature, here to share my own experiences with 10 years of chronic and invisible illness.

Primarily I'd like to share my recent endeavours with post-viral syndromes/Long Covid, as we look to increase awareness, community and resources in this area at this time.

But I look forward to contributing on fibromyalgia, disordered eating and mental health in future also.#MightyTogether #Hello


Where is it

What a typical day with Fibrolgia looks like #Hello where is this article What a typical day with Fibrolgia looks like!! I wanted to share with my private fibro group and it’s gone ! I thought it was very informative

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The Night #Anxiety


It has been a little while since I was on here.I have missed you. Today I tried to keep as busy as I could, but I still felt tired and drained. I am wondering why #PMDD really effects my sleep and my night time anxiety. I also get #StrangeDreams around this time. It is quite awful.

I just wanted to reach out and say #Hello . How are you doing?


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#Hello It's been awhile!

Hello to everyone who this post may reach.
It's been awhile since I last posted on here.

I'm needing a safe place to share in addition to get professional help, tomorrow I will be making a phone call. Until I'm able to see someone.
Twitter limiting as we all know in addition to all of the Troll's and I really don't want to share on Facebook.

On Tuesday of this week we had a shooting across the street from where we live, DV where the shooter took his own life, his partner survived with injuries to her hand, leg and stomach, she's definitely going to need therapy without a doubt.

I want to respect her privacy as well I don't know her or any of the circumstances in this situation.

My family had been sitting in our living room just after my daughter got home from school, when it occurred.

My husband who has a military background recognize the sound of the gun shot and he told us all to get down on the floor, He looked outside seeing a man chasing a woman firing a hand gun, My husband grabbed our phone to call 911 in addition to us all moving to the front of the house. After speaking to 911 he ran upstairs to check on my 21 year old son, who managed to sleep through it only because his room is on the front side of the house away from the noise of it all.

My husband then when outside to assist with traffic until the RCMP arrived, since he witnessed a good portion of what happens he had to provide the RCMP a statement of what he saw. I stayed inside with my 11yr old daughter and 8 yr old son. I didn't see anything until after the Ambulances left and the RCMP started their investigation.

I guess you could say that I'm still in shock of it all. I know that we have Gun violence here in Canada we are no exception, however it's not like it is to the boarder.

Right now I'm having a hard time being comfortable in my own home. We have additional issues here and this was the Cherry on top.

I realized that I don't feel comfortable inside our living room is due to the fact I was afraid to be near the window or look out it, not knowing what was going on outside has left me feeling unsafe in my home.

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Is there anybody out there? #Hello

Are there real people on this app? First time on here, not sure about it. I don't like mainstream social media. I need somewhere to vent to but I don't want to see mainstream social media bogus, yadig? #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #PTSD #struggling


Panicked about anxiety #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #PanicAttacks #MyCondition #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Depression #Arthritis

#Hello - I have been reading The Mighty for years and I love the community but I never post anything because I am afraid no one will read it.

I have a relentless 24/7 pain in my solar plexus diaphragm area or maybe it's my stomach. I have a pain that resembles "butterflies" but it's much worse than that, it keeps me hunched over in a ball, numbs my limbs, I am overheated, cinder blocks on my chest type of pain, it's there even when I do not know what I am worried about! Sometimes I think it could be something besides anxiety. I also go in and out of panic. I am currently taking a leave of absence from my work because of this pain, it's ruining my quality of life. I do have Fibromyalgia so it could be that too? I am wondering if anyone is familiar with this type of pain and how they handled it. I am in therapy. On meds. I know the DBT skills, I know about temperature regulation, emotion regulation, breathing properly and mindfulness but I still have this pain. Thanks for reading.


Missed chat#

#Hello gang. I seem to have lost the most recent chat request. I would very much to link up with anyone who would like to chat, get things off your chest, or just talk. Please resend your request. #