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    Advice: Supersembarrased. How do I face my in-laws?

    I am at a particularly low place and recovering from a manic episode. My in-laws will be here this weekend and I recently found out they know everything about my worst manic episode (the one that got me diagnosed 7 years ago). I am going to have a lot of time with them for conversation. How do I look them in the face and not see everything I did playing in the back of their minds? I am mortified embarrassed. What would you do? #Bipolar1Disorder #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #newhere


    Looking to relate anonymously

    Hi! My name is Amaryllis (not really, but on here, yes). I googled how to deal with depression thoughts upon waking up and found this article.. I’m not doing well.. but this mornings thought haunts me all day. Just checking this out to see how it works before I share details.
    Bonus - my ocd has gotten worse but it’s comforting. When it’s not driving me mad that is.

    #Depression #newhere #CheckInWithMe #scared #OCD


    First post #newhere

    Hi everyone I'm Maria. This is my first post. I have been quietly reading posts but I'm shy so I am just now posting. I suffer from BPD, anxiety, depression and Bipolar (mainly the depression end). I look forward to finding support and sharing stories. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDepression #Anxiety


    About Me

    Hi! I’m Paige, i’ve recently been diagnosed with OCD, Bipolar, and Bulimia. It’s been a very hard few weeks since but i am trying some new meds to help with these. My pronouns are They/Them! I’m non-binary. I want to make friends and also get some help. I am excited to meet you all!! Also i’m 16 going on 17! #newhere

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    #Hello #newhere

    Hi, I'm Sarah and also new here!

    This is currently me at the moment. I'm bedbound due to my #FND and #ChronicIlless

    I'm hoping to help other's through sharing my experiences and also learn more from other's about how to help myself.

    Just wanted to say hi!



    Hello! I am am new here and just trying to figure it all out. #newhere #Intro



    Hello, I’m #newhere . I’m hoping to get some new information and make some new friends!


    #eating feels hard from my #Depression

    my body will be starving to the point where i am in pain but i don’t feel hungry?? my mouth doesn’t want any food in it and nothing seems appetizing? i was able to eat a smoothie this morning but now it’s 7pm. this is my first post i’m kind of confused about everything lol #eating #Depression #newhere #hungry #Food


    Late night.... Early morning?

    Hi 👋
    Awake at https://5a.m
    Any interesting things to keep my mind busy?

    #Awake #tired #Insomnia #boredom #newhere