I really can't figure it out. The port is so helpful but also like really bloody stressful because I have to access and deaccess every use because i'm allergic to the adhesive in all of the covers. To top it I used to be okay with needles like I didn't like them but I didn't have a freaking anxiety/panic attack everytime I got blood work or needed a shot ect. Then my mom keeps telling me that I just need to do it because I know the fluids will help me. Like its a freaking cure all and don't get me wrong I am beyond gratful for the fluids but seriously sometimes my body is just tired of fighting itself or whatever and wants a break! And thats why I feel like crap. No I don't want to access even though I know it will help my body because I don't want to have a panic/anxiety attack tonight. I really don't know what to do. I love my mom and I know she means well but I really wish she would actually listen to me for once... #chronic illness #POTS #fearofneedles