Felt like enough is enough something has to be done, the way some healthcare professionals have spoke to me in unacceptable and completely unprofessional to the point where I'm starting to look at how I can make a complaint and take it further because I feel like very soon I might end up just another statistic where people sit and wonder what they could have done to help me, the signs of distress are clearly there, however just because I've never cut myself and I don't have visible scars doesn't mean I don't deserve the same level of treatment or respect that someone who cuts themselves gets, we all cope with distress and trauma differently, I've been made to feel osctrasisted from family because I was on the phone to try and get some information on how I complain, I was thrown out of my grans house because of this, he said they won't listen to you, your off your head, there probably sick seeing u but isn't it there job to try and help me, he said do u want the poor lassie sacked and of course that's not what I want but they need to know that where they intentionally do it or not that can judge me on my past presentation and speak to me in a way that makes me feel very belittled and makes the drive towards ending my life even stronger, when I came down to tell my mum this she also got on my case saying how I'm not the only person to have these thoughts and to suffer trauma never once have I ever said that I'm the only person in the whole of the world who feels like this, this again has made me spiral further downwards, she said she's been dealing with my feeling etc for years now and she's sick of it there nothing we can do and this has really hurt and upset me because even my family are now turning against me and saying to me aww u bring it on yourself, get a grip, your just doing it for attention etc this couldn't be further from the truth I really don't know where to turn to and I died in the next ten minutes Ive be so glad because I would have left this cruel cruel world, Ive gave it everything I have and I have no more fight left in me xxx