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#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SuicidalIdeation #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #fightthegoodfight #keepfighting

Warrior by Heather Groenenboom 05/10/2021 at 1:30am

I am strong like a warrior
I will make it through these obstacles
I will make it through these lies
I will get through these muddy trenches
I will get through the valley of shadow of death
With the help of the Lord God Almighty
He is my rock
He is my comfort
He is my strength in times of weakness
I will make it through these trials with his guiding hand
I cannot do it myself
With God all things are possible
I like this feeling of victory
After a long fight
My chest feeling light
Feelings of joy is overwhelming me
Able to think clearly again
Able to do things and have them working
I’m inside my tolerance box
Not knowing what I did to get there
Only explanation is I waited out the storm
The storm that I thought was going to engulf me
I am proud of myself for hanging on tight
Thank you Jesus for keeping me in your hands like you promised

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Anything helps

In the ER waiting not sure what happened to bedside manner needing a friend or a laugh #fightthegoodfight