° " This Started When I Was Very Little... Not Having My Father Probably Affected How I View Human's... And Having An Emotionless Mother.. That Didn't Show Any Physical Love Like Hug's.. But Would Show It By Buying Thing's.. Those Are Thing's That I Didn't Want But Experienced It Anyway's.. Now Fast Forward... To How I View Human's... I'm A Loner.. I Don't Let Anyone Get Close To Me At All.. I'm Pretty Distant When It Come's To My Sibling's... Trust Me They Are The Same Way... So I Don't Have Friendship's Not Even Outside Of My Job... Because I Don't Like Immature People... If I Can Try To Get To Know Someone... Maybe Trust Will Build One Day... But Right Now.. Too Many Bullie's And Mean Hurtful People Are Ruling This Messed Up World.. So For Now I Will Stay Locked Up With My Pure Heart.. And Mind.. Even Though My Mind Is Not Doing Well For These 2 Month's... Thought's Alot Of #SH .. And Alot Of Saddness Going On Atm... " ° Sincerely, °•° SKAOI KVITRAVN °•° #severedepression