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    ¡ " I'm In A Bad Depressive Mode Currently... Litterly I Don't Enjoy Going To Work Anywmore... "!#Thought 's#Anxiety #Insomnia #severedepression .

    !" I Wake Up Everyday Terrified Of What Or Why I'm Going To Get Yelled At For... I Can't Sleep Because All I Hear Now Are Entitled Customer's... Or My Boss Or Co-worker's Randomly Yell At Me... Disrespect Me Or Continually Talk Bad About Me... For No Reason... I Had An Indecisive Customer... Who Kept Changing His Order... He Kept Asking For 10 Taco's.. With Other Thing's That This Restaurant... Doesn't Carry Apparently... And He Kept Telling Me That I Didn't Understand Him... I Did I Speak English And Spanish Flulently.. So He Kept Asking For Someone Else To Take The Order.. My Boss And The Bully Came Over To Help.. I Have Never Had These Issue's At My Old Environment.. But Here It's Insane... And Alot Of My Co-worker's Don't Do Much Yet Continually Talk Bad About Me... Because I Was Trained To Litterly Do Everything.. And Now I've Been Downgraded To Patio... Lobby Restroom's Parking Lot.. And I'm The Experienced One.. The New Hire's Mess Up Order's.. But Never Get Yelled At I'm The Only Punching Bag.. I Don't Desevere This Kind Of Treatment.. And I Don't Ask For Any Day's Off Or Vacation Time.. Because I Have Just Gotten Here.. And Yet All These New People Are Given Vacation Time Etc.. Double Standard's.. I Over Stay My Limit To Go Home All The Time... But This Lady Is So Needy Of Me... Like Train Other People What I Do.. I'm Only 1 Person... I Litterly Can't Be Everywhere At A Fast Pace.. And I Get Yelled At For Pacing Myself.. " × #WhatIGoThroughDaily #Depression ☆☆SKADI ☆☆


    × " I Don't Hate People But I Work At A Busy Restaurant..." × #idon 'tHatePeople

    × " OK Sooo On My Last Post About Work Some Member's Are Confusing What I Said... And Taking Thing's Litterly... People Have A Right To Express How They Feel... I Work 8 Hour's A Day 5 Day's A Week.... At A Tiny Restaurant With An Out Door Patio... I Had A Bad Day... And Was Overwhelmed With Taking Order's... And People Accusing Me Of Getting Thier Order's Worng... So I Get Verbally Abused On A Daily Basis... Because Customer's At The Last Minute Change Thier Order's... Or Can't Pay It... Soo It's Also Frustrating Me.. Because Idk The Cash Register Well At All... I'm Good At Stocking... And Food Prep... So Why Put Me On Something That I'm Not Familiar With... This Is Why I'm Starting To Be Stressed Out At My Job... This Is 1st Experience In Food Service Ok... Give Me A Break... And Don't Leave Me Mean Comment's... " × #severedepression #Anxiety ☆☆ S.K. ☆☆

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    BP2, not severe depression

    #Depression #severedepression #bp2 #Cannabis #cannabisdeprendance

    Good day all

    I had been treated unsuccessfully for severe depression for about 2 decades.

    About two years ago I was diagnosed with BP2. I stopped smoking cannabis and started taking a mood stabilizer (vraylar). I feel a bit better, but miss the cannabis.

    If you struggle with depression look into BP2.

    Have a great day


    4x Survivor

    The last time I tried to die was January 2020. I took 47 sleeping pills. Wasn’t enough. Now I am suicidal again and I have absolute nobody to talk to and nobody to depend on. Guess I never really have. Been hospitalized 4x. Meds most of my life. I am treatment resistant. Such a curse. Have to force myself to go to work everyday…just couldn’t do it today. #severedepression #PTSD #DomesticAbuse /torturesurvivor #treatmentresistant

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    How are you surviving whichever storm you’re going through? #severedepression

    I’m struggling. Honestly. Sadly that’s my normal. And it doesn’t get easier. Seems like when you conquer one thing, 15 more pop up. I just try to find at least one thing to hold on to.

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    Do you agree? #TreatmentresistantDepression #TRD #severedepression

    Do you have a difficult time explaining your Illness to people? Do they think you’re exaggerating?
    I stopped explaining a long time ago. I know what is happening to me and how difficult it is. They either get it or go. 😟🤷🏽‍♀️


    How do you live when all of your family is dead? #Depression #SuicideSurvivor

    The last remaining family I had (my husband and best friend) passed away a few months ago and I get worse as time goes by. They we must social life as well as my family so even with meds therapy and prayer everyday is hell. I wake up cry until I can’t eat watch tv cry until I fall asleep. I have repeated that for the last 6-7 months. 5-6 months ago I tried to commit suicide but backed off last minute. There is no meaning to life anymore and I know I can never go back to being that same happy hopeful woman who loved life. So if I can’t be her again what’s the point of living in torture every day? How do I keep going when I literally have nobody left who loves me? #severedepression #Grief #ComplicatedGrief

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    Grieving My Life

    I recently turned 39, and I’m dreading turning 40. Reaching a milestone age is so overwhelming and daunting. I was very depressed turning 30 and seriously considered suicide six months later because of how my life was going. I did a lot, though, to create a better life for myself by building much better self-esteem and confidence, and developing much better self-awareness. However, my personal life barely improved. I’m losing hope in finding love and I feel that time is running out. Once I turn 40, it’s over. I’m trying to stop myself from crying my eyes out, or even curl up into a ball on the floor and sob hysterically. I fear I’m going to suffer a severe depression that will ruin all my focus on life right now. But I feel like a serious failure in life because there’s no love in it.

    Does anyone have any advice? How can I cope with all this? #severedepression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Love #milestones #Aging #Relationships


    Short vent because I’m unwell. (TW severe mental illness)

    I don’t know how to survive day to day any more. I tried to end things not long ago. Didn’t work. Anyway. For a while now I’ve known that I’m never not going to be a burden. There just isn’t a world where I’m not in pain and am expected to hide it or downplay it for other peoples comfort. So not worth it. Especially on top of being severely disabled. Anyway just venting. But in so much pain. But planning to live for a bit longer through summer. Just would like to meet someone like me. Haven’t talked to a single person who understands. Don’t think I ever will. Never imagined this much suffering was possible.

    #severedepression #Depression #schizoaffective #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #moodswings #CognitiveDisorders #dissociativedisorders #DissociationDisorders #Isolation #Suicide #MentalHealth #Bipolar2Disorder #Pain #AnorexiaNervosa #Disability #CGL #CPTSD #Caregiving #Support #SupportGroups #CheckInWithMe #Psychosis #Schizophrenia #venting #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder


    #Migraine tips and tricks #Day3 and not easing up! #HELPPPPP

    Can someone please give me any of their tips or tricks to get rid of this!! I seriously can’t take it anymore!!!
    #Migraine #severeanxeity #severedepression #Epilepsy