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    Why are friends like this?

    My friend told me yesterday that we can’t be friends anymore because of our past (which was she knew about my self harm and depression and stuff). And she said we were never really friends and that she never liked me but she was too scared to tell me in case I did something ‘stupid’ and now the reason I use to wake up and carry on living for is all a lie. Everything’s a lie and I don’t get the point of living anymore. And what’s even worse is she’s going on exchange so she just tells me this and leaves and she just said to me move on like it’s no biggie. It’s just I don’t understand why she would hurt me and now her friends are getting involved but they don’t know the truth between what happened with us. I’m just so over everything .#Depression #friendproblems #Selfharm #donefighting



    So I have this friend (I mentioned her already in my thread on here called The Fox and the Care Bear), and as I mentioned before, she is a social butterfly who lacks social awareness.

    With that being said, whenever someone speaks some truth to her about anything (mostly people speaking up the truth about herself a lot more lately I’ve observed. Including myself for speaking some truth to her about herself), she deletes that comment or deletes the post overall on Facebook. I don’t completely understand why she does this all the time? Even when two or three people are having a discussion on her post? If it was an argument, I would understand. She’s hard to understand sometimes.

    #Friends #Facebook #friendproblems