So I recently became obsessed with one person. This is a person we have friendship+ with, so, I am not fall in love, but obsessed: I think about her constantly, I want to be in contact all the time, I try to provocate her for different reactions etc.
I am not see her as a possible romantic partner to me, she neither.
But sex is really good, und she seems to really understand my diagnose.
So I have impulses to break this contact, because I am scary to fall in love and have all this emotions more intense. And I am afraid not to handle all of this.

Fro now we decided to hold a bit of distance, we choose some topics about what we can write each other, and we made some rules about how will out friendship + Funktion.

I would like to ask people from the community, how are you manage this obsession with someone? How you distract yourself?what is your strategy?

All I know it's just break a contact, but I think this way I will never learn how to deal with this.

Please share your experience
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Relationships #friendshiplus