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    What does emotional abuse mean?

    Emotional abuse includes non-physical behaviors that are meant to control, isolate, or frighten you. This may present in romantic relationships as threats, insults, constant monitoring, excessive jealousy, manipulation, humiliation, intimidation, dismissiveness, among others. #ADHD #emotionalabusesurvivors #Autism #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdworld #asdworld #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #BipolarDisorder

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    Full of despair, exhausted with so much "unnamed dread and grief. #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #ChronicDepression #Depression

    I hear you. I'm also exhausted physically and mentally too.

    I was responding to a post but my rant, of how angry, frustrated I am is too long. Even in this because of how much CPTSD and dealing with any individual with narcissistic personality style or any kund of manipulative personality style has impacted all aspects of my life.

    I got lost in the rabbit hole of trying to find all my own resources. I get more accurate, helpful and useful information from peers than I have from mental health professionals in over 25yrs.

    I posted a few days ago on here that they added Prolonged grief disorder to the DSM-5 last Mar.

    If that is the direction mental health professionals (MHP) with PhDs. We might as well rely on each other to keep in site of what we do need and don't need.

    It seems so many MHP are not even trained in trauma much less trauma informed. It did not ever enter my mind to ask's so true about "assuming"

    When I started to ask I found out so few have heard of CPTSD much now what it is. Even when calling warm/crisis lines only a small fraction even heard of it. Believe me as you mentioned since there's so little help/supports, so I was calling a lot. Actually that has been the only consistent support I for about 10 yrs

    The cost is completely inaccessible when you don't don't have expendable income. In 🇨🇦 it costs from $130,$200/hr for a decent therapist and that's if you find a compatible one. You need a therapist for long term 1 on 1 work to work through the layers of the insidious implicit and explicit residue of a lifetime of trauma. May be if you're younger when you start therapy it may not take years but even then....

    It's so hard not to not get what I need. Plus the fact both of my parents have narcissistic personality styles means I was gaslighted and in my case scapegoated. This impacted how I showed up in the world within every single one of my relationships and interactions. Unfortunate for me I did not learn and truly understand about C-PTSD and Narcissism until I was 50yrs old.

    I'm currently 53 years old and only piecing all this after decades of being lost, confused and isolated for most of my life. I know many others have suffered too. May even have more horrific event trauma on top of early developmental trauma/neglect which is what CPTSD is.

    I believe it's true that if CPTSD was fully understood someone told me it would make the DSM-5 the size of a pamphlet.

    If the psychiatric governing bodies in Canada and the USA can continue to pathologize millions of people the pharmaceutical companies get away of harming people more then they actually help people.

    The best recommended treatments and therapeuticmodalities are bottom up somatic healing which may or may not need long-term pharmaceutical medications.

    This is why it's so hard to get the right kind of help for CPTSD we need long term therapies that do not require people to be on drugs that do more harm then good if you're on them for too long.

    So I'm not only gaslighted by my family of origin, and the various ignorant people I unfortunately let close to me. I'm and millions of us are being gaslighted by mental health professionals and many governing bodies making the "rules" that cross so many of our personal bill of rights as human beings no matter how much or how little trauma we've suffered individually. Our traumas should not be categorized and compared by severity. Big "T" trauma (event trauma) and little "t" trauma (emotional trama/neglect) are both bad. This is how we are treated because if we fall more on the little "t" trauma more people are being treated like our trauma is not that big of a deal. The truth is that more people are suffering from little "t" trauma with non or minimal to warped screwed up help.

    Without your own knowledge and awarenesses you might get the help you need. And we only get that by jumping though so many hoops that most give up way before getting a fraction of appropriate and useful help.
    #HSP #neurodivergence #gaslight narcisstic abuse survivor #Survivor #consumersurvivor #hurting #survivingnotthriving

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    True or False: I feel like my doctor listens to me and values my opinion.

    Mighty fam, we’ve heard from so many of you about the relationship you have with your doctor and how important it is. For some of you, your doctor is the only one who “gets” it. For others, communicating with your doctor is a frustrating experience.

    Share whether the above statement feels true or false to you in the comments below. (And if you feel up to it, tell us why!)

    #RareDisease #Parenting #Caregiving #Dwarfism #SkeletalDysplasia #Achondroplasia #ChronicPain

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    TRUE or FALSE: Forgiveness isn’t something you do for someone else, it’s something you do for you.

    I often hear the phrase, "If you’re forgiving someone, you’re doing it for yourself, not for the other person," and it gets me thinking every single time.

    From reflecting on my past relationships to my current ones, forgiveness has been a topic that I’ve struggled to fully understand, especially when it comes to recovering from trauma. Although I’ve come a long way in forgiving myself and others, I think about the role forgiveness plays in my healing journey and ways I can forgive more freely.

    What are your thoughts? How do you view forgiveness?

    #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #EatingDisorders #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ADHD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #Disability #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease

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    How to find the best energy deal for your business

    Let’s face it: we’ve been dealing with unprecedented times when it comes to the cost of energy. Running a business, no matter the size can be incredibly demanding on owners. This is the reason why many are looking for the best energy deals out there. Working with a reputable energy provider who focuses on keeping costs low is an amazing way to really step up in terms of saving money while making sure your business has all the energy it needs to run at its best and stay productive. This article takes a deeper dive into how to find the best energy deal for your business in the UK. Keep reading in order to learn more about some of the best business energy deals out there.


    Competitive edge.


    Many of the best energy providers are looking to gain a competitive edge by offering lower prices, even if it means matching other competitors or offering lower rates. Make sure you research your options extensively, and don’t hesitate to inquire and ask the provider directly whether they’d be able to match or beat rates you might have seen elsewhere. Companies know that your business is very valuable, especially if you run a company yourself. To them, this means a potentially long relationship, so many providers will be more than willing to at least meet you halfway.


    Transparency is vital.


    At times, you might come across some amazing energy offers that are, honestly, too good to be true. If the numbers look amazing on paper, don’t get all excited and pull the trigger right away. Take a step back and ensure that you’re getting 100% transparency from your provider. This means no hidden costs and no “surprises” that will eventually eat up your bottom line over time. It’s important to make sure that what you sign up for is exactly what you’re going to get, with no annoying clauses and other conditions that aren’t exactly clear from the get-go.


    Opting out and switching plans.


    Some providers will lock you in contracts that are extremely hard to break free from or change. For this reason, it is highly recommended to ensure you sign up for something that is going to be easy to opt out of in the future. If your needs change, you need to be able to switch plans without incurring downtime or prohibitive processing fees. If you ever want to quit your contract, you need to be able to do so within reasonable terms as well. Going back to the idea of transparency, these are also important things to consider when selecting an energy provider and finding the best deal.


    In conclusion, these are only some of the key things to consider when looking for a great energy deal. Remember that it is not just a numbers game. It’s also about transparency, conditions, and everything else around your relationship with the provider.


    Find out more about going market rates, and find the best energy deal for business purposes today:

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    My girlfriend broke up with me......

    She broke up with me a week ago today after just over a year of being together and it completely blindsided me. I thought everything was going great, but apparently it wasn't going great for her. I'm an absolute wreck and don't even know what to do with myself. She was my first serious gay relationship since I came out.

    If anyone has any tips on handling a serious breakup, please share them with me because I am very much struggling.

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    A letter to the best friend I never thought I would lose...

    I don't know where it began nor where it ended. I just remember you always being there. Until you weren't.

    I never imagined life taking us this far apart. You weren't just my brother, you were my best friend, my protector, the person who taught me what I was made of, my parents when no one else was around, the man I accredit so much of who I am to, but I have honestly no idea who he is today.

    For so long it was us. You and me, against the world. I truly believed that would last forever. I never imagined a fate that we weren’t one but, here we are today.

    I’ve mourned the loss of a sibling who isn’t dead, for so long. I cling to what I can. The memories that do still barely exist are all that I have. I do the best I can, to make it make sense. People change. It happens; maybe I became something you couldn’t understand. I get it, because for a long time I was someone I could not understand… but when I needed you to try, you did not. I can’t say I did either, highways work both ways. And we have both failed, but I never thought I’d not have my big brother.

    I hate that I feel bitter and jealous towards your siblings that you do have a relationship with, because that isn’t their fault. I just always falsely assumed I'd always be your number one so foolishly. In the wise words of Zach Bryan …” nothing kills you slower than letting someone go”.

    I haven’t known you now for almost longer than I did. I do the best I can to survive without you by my side. My heart hurts constantly for what could’ve been; for understanding, for sympathy, for someone to get me the way you used to.

    It’s okay that you do not. I’ll always have late night videogames, memories of you making me watch the Matrix marathons and the man who taught me Bone Thugs-n-Harmony lyrics before I was too old to know what they meant.

    It’s just been a hell of a year and I’ve been wishing I could talk to my brother again, but I don’t think he’d understand.

    Sometimes life moves on without us and that's okay,

    I’ll love you always.

    Your little sister.

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    Bad things going on in a relationship and nobody to talk to.

    Is there a way to post anonymously for advice or a special group? I’m having some serious issues and I literally have no one to talk to about it. (Side note-I’m not being physically abused)
    I don’t want to talk to family about this.
    Tia with any advice

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