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#fybromialgia #Depression #Anxiety

Sometimes life just keeps on pushing on and its just stressful. You feel ahead and then it catches back up with u. U find urself a little and the next day you just feel so lost again. Wondering what happened? why do people not like me? Why is there so much pain that just nobody understands? Why me? There are so many questions and worries that are locked in my head that I just can't simply function as a human anymore. Ik i have a lot on my plate for goodness sake im a mom of 3 kids under 7, I am a caregiver at a nursing home, I am now a home teacher to 2 kids and have my own business on the side. Life is always rushing by me. And i just feel so not myself. Im angry, im saddened, im worried and I'm in so much pain. I just dont think people will ever understand what ive gone through and what im going through in life atleast not the people around me. Im 26 and supposed to be a healthy stong woman and i just cant be 😒💔

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