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    Chronic pain/condition blogs


    I have been thinking about writing about chronic pain and other conditions for quite some time. I would say I have a lot of thoughts and opinions, and I used to be good at expressive writing (if I've gotten the term right) and getting things down on paper. I was hoping I could potentially make people feel less alone. However, I'm unsure of where I could post things like this or how to get started? Any advice would be appreciated💜

    #MightyTogether #Fibromyalgia #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis #ChronicPain #typeonediabetes #DiabetesType1 #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #LinearScleroderma #Scleroderma #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigue #AutoimmuneDisease #RareDisease #MedicalZebra #Depression #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #PanicAttacks #MentalHealth #youngadult

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    -A Piece of Heaven-

    In the midnight hour
    She sat under the moons glow
    Watching waves crash upon the shore
    There she could let her tears show
    She looked to the stars
    And wondered if God could hear
    The prayers that she whispered
    To protect what she holds dear
    She closed her eyes
    Opened her heart to soothe her soul
    Letting go of the things
    Of which she has no control
    The world was still for a moment
    Allowing peace to take her mind
    Upon opening her eyes
    She had left her fears behind
    In the midnight hour
    She sat under the moons glow
    A piece of heaven
    To which she could always go

    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyAttack #Agoraphobia

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    Hooray for the weekend #Sadness #AnxietyAttack #Naps

    Today feels like a great day to just sleep and enjoy the fact that I don't have to do anything. I'm really anxious, and really depressed because this anxiety just doesn't ever seem to subside, unless I am asleep, so this weekend, I will be sleeping. Listening to relaxing music and sleeping.

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    Flipping out or what I am like when I am well # #AnxietyAttack #CPTSD #PTSD #BPD #Bipolar2Disorder

    Hi! My name is Suzy and I'm new, well I'm new enough that this is my first post. 🥳🎉🎆 My anxiety has been so high lately I've been worried that I might need to go to the hospital for treatment, and then my daughter showed up yesterday with my anxiety pills and things are starting to feel like they are leveling out again. It's a good thing too, or she might have been visiting me behind a locked door

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    So confused

    At my current job they have mantitory overtime, which is fine. However I’m new and they had me on by myself last night and now I’m still dealing with the anxiety and panic attacks from it.

    Since I’m not getting anywhere with my supervisor I thought maybe I could talk with my physiatrist and see if I could get a note basically informing them that due to my disabilities it would be much safer to have two people on instead of just me.

    I’m not sure what to say but every time I tried to bring this up with my mom she cut me off my dad on the other hand is very understanding and thinking I should talk to my psychiatrist.


    #CheckInWithMe #ChronicDepression #Depression #AnxietyAttack #Anxiety #PanicAttacks

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    Addiction is weird

    Addiction is really weird, I’ve been struggling with over buying of complusive shopping and while I’ve been doing much better. I mean I still have my manic moments, but I’ve been able to weather the storms a little bit better. It just sucks that no matter how many storms there are this completion or addition will never truly go away. It’s always there wanting me to buy more.

    Im addicted to buying/collecting/hoarding enamel pins. I have over 300 but it’s never enough and the urge to buy more is always there.

    I just thought that once you conquer the demon you like win, but it’s not one battle but small ones that come up out of nowhere. I’m just so tired of having to put a brave face on and fight.

    #ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #Addiction #AddictionRecovery

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    Caught in the middle

    I’ve been waiting to get this off my chest since this past weekend. But have been afraid too.

    Once a month I go to these furry meetups with friends and I look forward to these however there is this guy there that usually cosplays which is different than fursuiting. Anyway, I don’t know him and he somehow figured out my full name and address about six months ago and has been writing to me. My parents don’t find anything weird about how he got this information. In fact they think it’s cute. He was filling me around the meet which was annoying and gave me a valentine this past weekend and it’s obvious that he likes me. With the items that were gifted to me.

    As I write this out it almost doesn’t sound real. But it is and it’s super frustrating. I’m bummed out because I’ve always wanted a penpal but not like this.

    The leader of the furry meetups found out about this guy’s stalker behavior and has officially banned him from coming back to events and if he still attends police will be called. I’ve been contacted by so many of the other furries within this group about what I know and what’s been going on I feel terrible. Like by finally speaking up and out I’m wrong. I’m so lost and confused and feel cause in the middle of this. Because it’s obvious he bothers more than just me.

    Anyway thank for listening. Here’s a picture of my cat #CheckInWithMe #ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #afraid

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    Just Call Me Anxious #Anxiety

    Glad I found the group, #LetsTalkAnxiety . I have lived and existed on anxiety for so many years, I thought it was normal to function everyday in a panic state.

    #AnxietyAttack #ChildhoodAnxiety #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #PTSD

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