After months of bed-bound difficulties (rapid gastric emptying, POTS-like issues, subluxations & injury of my knee, neck, hip), I’m in one of those euphoria upswings of decent health. I’m grateful to move without debilitating pain, complete chores, be social, and have renewed hope.
Nothing changed magically. I work daily on my health, trying to get diagnoses & treatment, resting, cardio everyday (thankful I found a pedal machine that lets me move even when my body doesn’t want to), meditating, increased protein intake, salt & fluids, losing weight, and researching. I also let go of daily plans/expectations and try to just focus on what is in front of me.
I’m a little POTS-y today, so will rest more. Also a little gurgle in my gut, so castor oil pack treatment as well.
Also just finished a check-in appt with my therapist. We book my phone appointment every 3-4 weeks. It gives me comfort knowing it is there. Sometimes I need her to help me shift perspective, hold me accountable, or to help me give myself permission to do what my body needs. Sometimes I get to just brief her on how well all my strategies and tools are working for me.
I have peace, grattitude, and hope. Things are getting better, and I feel better. My wish is that you get these beautiful breaks too, and they fill you with light, love, resilience, and strength too.
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