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Let life surprise you…what’s an obstacle you have that is holding you back from happiness?

<p>Let life surprise you…what’s an obstacle you have that is holding you back from happiness?<br></p>
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Community Voices

How Presentation Affects Representation - #DwhellOnIt Ep. 56

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🗣 - "Taylor Lakhryst was an undecided voter who participated in a #CBC program called Face to Face during last year's federal election campaign. While being on the show gave her a chance to ask questions of a party leader, she felt CBC's production choices spoiled the experience by making her appear inept and powerless."

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👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your questions about my lived experience as a #trans woman!

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"While you expressed #Gratitude for the #Opportunity to provide visibility on the subject of abuse toward the 2SLBGTQIA+ #Community , you felt that #CBC made choices which diluted your appearance. It left you feeling, if not misrepresented, then underrepresented."

It feels as if #CBC chose to represent me as what I interpret as inept, powerless, and stuck with candy-coated concerns because who I am isn't palatable enough for Canadians who can't cope that #people such as myself strive to inspire and create #change .

#social platforms highlighted my segment as being of the utmost importance on an issue that had not been placed front and centre in the campaign until my appearance.

I continued to focus much of my argument on the treatment of my introductory video. I emphasized how problematic it was that this video highlighted "my love for #Sports and karaoke" while omitting more substantive #Comments about the importance of placing responsibility for bigotry and hate-based abuse on the abusers rather than the victims.

"I'm an undecided voter because" and "Let's be #leaders …" were extracted from two completely different sections of what I provided. #CBC created that line and not me, and I'm not sure if that is conducive to "accuracy."

"You stated that you followed all the directives given to you in advance by producers, yet you were the only one of the four participants given less than 40 seconds of airtime."

"You also reiterated that #CBC exercised poor judgment when it failed to include your exchange about pronouns with #ErinOToole .”

#CBC watered me down and presented me with the safest, most palatable and most comfortable image they could build based on the information I provided.

"Your complaint is, first and foremost, a reminder that the stories journalists tell are not really "theirs." They are the stories of real #people with real lives, ambitions, and concerns."

Journalistic Standards and Practices covers much ground regarding ethical #Journalism but doesn't cover specific circumstances.

"There is more debate to be had about editing your introductory video … it's clear that those producers took two risks with your video."

"On your frustration that the #question you asked on the show was "negotiated," … I worried it meant that programmers were forcing you to ask the questions that they wanted."

🔗 - Links!

How Presentation Affects Representation -

Your Friends Appreciate a Random Check-In Call or Text More Than You Realize -

What four undecided voters asked #ErinOToole | Face to Face 2021 -

#Media and #Journalism are transphobic. I was on #CBC News: The National Face to Face -

#Canada Voted In Favour of Policing Women's Bodies! -

Is there anything that #people expect you to be good at but are very bad at? -

#CBC News: The National | #ErinOToole , Alberta's deadly COVID-19 surge, TIFF returns -

👀 - Create #change !  

📣 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! -

📣 - You can #help ! Everything inspiring HireWheller stays ongoing - biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers & isolated victims.

📣 - Grassroots #power comes from its #people ! Get involved or refer others you know to challenge systemic violence & oppression!

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@HireWheller: A grassroots group to #help the 2SLGBTQIA+ #Community overcome often-minimized struggles.



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TaylorLakhryst: #Transgender woman, advocate, INFJ, ♊️, she/her/hers 🏳️‍⚧️


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* Text: Dwhell on it w/ Taylor Lakhryst Ep. 56 - How Presentation Affects Representation - HIREWHELLER

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#Gratitude #Opportunity #social #Sports #Comments #leaders #canadian #gender #grateful #interview #manitoba #News #Out #Respect #Safety #Success #winnipeg #Youtube #active #Activism #Anxiety #athlete #Business #causes #Charity #donate #Energy #equality #Fundraising #Lesbian #LGBT #LGBTQ #Kindness #marketing #Media #nonbinary #philanthropy #Pride

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After months of bed-bound difficulties (rapid gastric emptying, POTS-like issues, subluxations & injury of my knee, neck, hip), I’m in one of those euphoria upswings of decent health. I’m grateful to move without debilitating pain, complete chores, be social, and have renewed hope.
Nothing changed magically. I work daily on my health, trying to get diagnoses & treatment, resting, cardio everyday (thankful I found a pedal machine that lets me move even when my body doesn’t want to), meditating, increased protein intake, salt & fluids, losing weight, and researching. I also let go of daily plans/expectations and try to just focus on what is in front of me.
I’m a little POTS-y today, so will rest more. Also a little gurgle in my gut, so castor oil pack treatment as well.
Also just finished a check-in appt with my therapist. We book my phone appointment every 3-4 weeks. It gives me comfort knowing it is there. Sometimes I need her to help me shift perspective, hold me accountable, or to help me give myself permission to do what my body needs. Sometimes I get to just brief her on how well all my strategies and tools are working for me.
I have peace, grattitude, and hope. Things are getting better, and I feel better. My wish is that you get these beautiful breaks too, and they fill you with light, love, resilience, and strength too.
#EDS #HEDS #POTS #gastricissues #Subluxations #grateful

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Community Voices

I found a new love!

I recently started journaling, once a day, before I go to sleep. I usually write about what I did that day, both exciting things and typical/mediocre things. The great part is, I usually end up finding small things to be grateful for that I would otherwise not give much thought to, whether it be the people I was surrounded with that day or small, unnoticeable steps I took to reach my long term goals. I suggest every one to find a piece of paper and a pen, and just pour your heart out. I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself :) #Journaling #Gratitude #reflect #Confidence #Happiness #grateful #Writing #activity

Community Voices
Community Voices

💩You can't polish a terd. 💩
✨5-29-22 @2:52am ✨

This entire thing has been rewritten because once I went to post it it disappeared completely. I thought it was important for me to document this so I took the time to get it put back together. I need to read this in the future.

Basically, somehow I ended up getting the energy to clean and reorganize my room.

I live in a ran down house. Cleaning isn't that rewarding. It used to be when I've lived other places but this is one of the houses that no matter what you do to it it still looks like poop. They always told me you can't polish a terd.

So because of that, and the extreme depression, I find it difficult to clean up like I should.

I used to love cleaning and reorganizing and decorating. It was fun.

Well tonight I managed to go to the kitchen and grab a trash bag, throw away all of the random odds and ends, everything from makeup wipes, to tealight candles, to insense sticks and water bottles. (atleast I'm staying hydrated)

I even found my insense holder so I can actually use that instead of sticking it into a random hole in the wall or in a candle that I should have thrown away a year ago but I haven't because my mom gave it to me and I've formed an attachment to it.

I wiped all the crud off of everything, including the ashes from the insense sticks. I put the dirty clothes in the hamper. I organized all my essential oils and I put all my hair stuff and my body sprays in one basket. I'll vacuum tomorrow because my boyfriend is asleep.

I also ran out of small trash bags so I got the empty cat food bag and pinned it up against the wall so I may be more likely to throw my stuff in there vs. the floor or the table beside me.

Yes, I know that's embarrassing. I am aware my depression has made me a lazy sack of shiz and I know I need to do better. I'm working on it. But I didn't come here to lie or beat around the bush. Depression and mental illness in general comes with a lot of embarrassing baggage that people dont talk about, and that doesn't even scrape the surface.

I guess I'm grateful that my mind has given me a break and allowed me to get up and clean. It looks a lot better and I feel better. I really do. It was worth it. I have to remember that this is how I feel right now so that I'll keep doing it. I'm also grateful that my mind has allowed me to see the things im grateful for. It may not be much but atleast I have a roof over my head. I've got food in the fridge, a bed to sleep in, and thankfully the air is working a little bit better now so it's not 93 degrees in here like it was last summer.

I've got the fan blowing directly on me and a cold drink on the clean table beside me. I've got someone who loves me sleeping right beside me, and a future full of possibilities. I'm safe. I can upgrade in the future but right now I'm okay. I feel okay. I just wish I could wakeup tomorrow and feel this at peace. My emotions are always up and down.

I live for days like today where I do give myself a break and feel at peace and okay.

So, people say you can't polish a terd. I think they're wrong. You can polish a terd. You just gotta stay humble. I need to remember that and apply it to many things in my life. Things will get better. I have hopes I will get better. Hopefully that will see me through.

#MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #Motivation #cleanup #grateful #Stayhumble #Blessed #MightyTogether #ImTrying #hopetheory #Hope

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Community Voices

Bigotry And The Bystander Effect

🗣 - “Someone who has made up their mind will not change their mind. So, stop trying to worry about the fee-fees of someone who’s a terrible human being.”

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❓ - What's #DwhellOnIt

👀 - Dwhell On It is a series where I answer your #questions about my lived #experience as a #trans woman!

📺 - A new episode gets uploaded every week! -

🔖 - Bookmarks!

05:20 - Let's talk inclusion!

17:50 - Let's talk TERFs!

39:15 - Let's talk about being exclusionary!

51:08 - Let's talk about suppression!

53:03 - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse! -

🔗 - Links mentioned!

03:21 - #Letters4TransKids - "You Know Who You Are!" -

10:00 - Accomplishments, #Gratitude And More! -

30:30 - Workouts: Worth the effort. Bigots: Nope. -

40:55 - City Council Approves To Prefer #Kindness -

44:10 - Travelling, Being Left-Handed & More! -

💰 - Donate now! Help these fundraisers hit $1411!

❗️ - Support #RunForWomen & women's #MentalHealth programs! -

❗️ - Support #walk4md & individuals who live with neuromuscular disorders! -

👀 - Get involved! You can create #change

📣 - You can help! Everything inspiring HireWheller stays ongoing - biased systems, ignorant platforms, violent abusers, and isolated victims.

📣 - Grassroots #power comes from its #people Please #help by getting involved or referring people you know to create change against systemic bigotry & oppression. Thanks! 💜

💻 - Get connected!

#hirewheller A #grassroots group aiming to help the #2slgbtqia #Community overcome often-minimized struggles.




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#taylorlakhryst Trans woman, advocate, INFJ, ♊️, she/her/hers 🏳️‍⚧️


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* Text: Dwhell on it with Taylor Lakhryst - Bigotry And The Bystander Effect - Episode Forty-Seven - HIREWHELLER

* Description: A blonde woman wearing a purple sweater is smiling and sitting in front of a beige wall. There is black, grey, and white text on a turquoise background.

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#Activism #AskMe #Business #Canada #Career #causes #changemakers #Charity #cityofwinnipeg #Comments #contentcreator #creator #Diversity #diversityandinclusion #dogood #donate #Employment #Energy #Equity #ethics #eventplanning #Events #Fundraising #gender #government #grateful #humanities #humanrights #Inclusion #inequality #leaders #LGBT #LGBTQ #linkinbio #Love #manitoba #Manitobans #mbpoli #MentalHealth #Motivation #Network #opportunities #Opportunity #Organizing #partnerships #philanthropy #policies #policy #Pride #ProtectTransKids #ProtectTransYouth #quality #question #Respect #Safety #socialgood #SocialMedia #Sports #Success #training #Transgender #Transphobia #transphobic #Travel #Video #winnipeg #Work #wpgpoli #Youtube