A lot has been said over the past few years about taking in as much on your plate as you can possibly complete at any given time. So this gave way to promoting the culture of saying No when it is most required. And it is an amazing thing to do to take care of your mental health. To make sure you are not slogging off more than required. It helps you focus on a lot of other things in life that need looking into. And honestly it's a great way to de-stress as well.

Now while we have promoted the idea of Saying NO to a really large extent. No one is talking about how to “Accept” a No. Let's face it.. it does a lot of damage to your mental health as well when you are on the opposite end of that table. And that part has not been looked into as much.

We humans have a habit of planning things way ahead. 5 year goals , 10 year goals and what not. But what do you do when you miss just one of them by a mere issue of luck or technicality or whatever you want to term it. For us highly structured creatures, the world comes crashing down. We feel that years and years of efforts and hard work have all led us to Nothing. It's really stupid how we stop looking just a step ahead. Just around the curb is the History you were meant to make. If you stop here, thinking that's the end of the road. You just never get there. And No it's not the fault of the singular person who made a decision at that point that you have not become the person you envisioned yourself to be. It is rather You. Coz Battles are not lost because of the enemy's strength. You lose your battle the moment you lose the confidence and conviction on Yourself.

What would the world be like if Edison gave up after his first attempt? Would the world have known the Magical world of Harry Potter it so dearly loved if J K Rowling gave up the 1st time some editor rejected her manuscript? It is a very crucial skill that we need to develop in today's day. Yes, Resilience is a Skill. It is a much demanded skill as the world goes through massive recession, wars and what not. How you process a failure, a rejection or any form of a “No” is pivotal in changing the world’s economic landscape.

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