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A lot has been said over the past few years about taking in as much on your plate as you can possibly complete at any given time. So this gave way to promoting the culture of saying No when it is most required. And it is an amazing thing to do to take care of your mental health. To make sure you are not slogging off more than required. It helps you focus on a lot of other things in life that need looking into. And honestly it's a great way to de-stress as well.

Now while we have promoted the idea of Saying NO to a really large extent. No one is talking about how to “Accept” a No. Let's face it.. it does a lot of damage to your mental health as well when you are on the opposite end of that table. And that part has not been looked into as much.

We humans have a habit of planning things way ahead. 5 year goals , 10 year goals and what not. But what do you do when you miss just one of them by a mere issue of luck or technicality or whatever you want to term it. For us highly structured creatures, the world comes crashing down. We feel that years and years of efforts and hard work have all led us to Nothing. It's really stupid how we stop looking just a step ahead. Just around the curb is the History you were meant to make. If you stop here, thinking that's the end of the road. You just never get there. And No it's not the fault of the singular person who made a decision at that point that you have not become the person you envisioned yourself to be. It is rather You. Coz Battles are not lost because of the enemy's strength. You lose your battle the moment you lose the confidence and conviction on Yourself.

What would the world be like if Edison gave up after his first attempt? Would the world have known the Magical world of Harry Potter it so dearly loved if J K Rowling gave up the 1st time some editor rejected her manuscript? It is a very crucial skill that we need to develop in today's day. Yes, Resilience is a Skill. It is a much demanded skill as the world goes through massive recession, wars and what not. How you process a failure, a rejection or any form of a “No” is pivotal in changing the world’s economic landscape.

#MentalHealth #resilience #globalrecession #Notgivingup #Believe

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I AM ON THIS SELF-DISCOVERY JOURNEY AND Also I'm Trying to Pursue my Book and to start the process of writing it. MY Drive is on fire and I don't want to give up,ITS ALWAYS A BREAKTHROUGH AROUND THE CORNER! I AM GOING TO WRITE MY STORY 💪🏾💯💜🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

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This week has been hard mentally. I can feel myself slowly not wanting to do anything, even the small task of getting out of bed. I can feel the weight sitting on my chest and my stomach is in knots. I sit in silence not because I don’t want to talk but because I have nothing to say. My mind is blank besides “I want to be asleep”. This is when my body takes over and goes on autopilot. During this time my dissociating is on high, in other terms I was having an episode of psychosis. This is different than “daydreaming” or your mind just wondering. My episode made me feel like I wasn’t here on earth, I’m not apart of this world. I feel like I’m floating in space with every movement. Time does not exist or it has slowed way down, but the world around me is at its normal pace. Sometimes I can control the pace of things and slow or speed them up in my head. Then the voices start... not all are bad! And in reality I wouldn’t call any of them “bad”, some of them seem to be hurting just like me or worse. And I start to see things that are not really there. On top of this the burden of not doing the things I need to get done start to weigh in. I start putting myself down and it doesn’t help when everyone around you is waiting for your next move. Well I don’t know my next move!! I have never been “here” before, I have never lost my job... the way my name is being ran through the mud. Losing what I knew was home for 2 years. Almost losing all my stuff because they threatened to “burn all my shit”. They tossed me out like I was trash. When I was in the hospital I was excited and ready to get out and back to living my life! And I was ready to Celebrate my Life! But three days before I get discharged... my life as I knew it was gone... all because I reached out for help and ended up in the hospital. It’s sad I regret it all.. I don’t want to run from my problems... I have to much to do, but did I get discharged to soon? #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #MentalHealthAwareness #brainhealth #deppression #BPD #behavioralhospital #Psychosis #Anxiety #PTSD #mylife #pushingforward #Notgivingup

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Dreaming when you’re tired #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Chronicfatique

I applied for college last week, for counselling skills level 2. They’ve reserved me a space & I find out next Thursday if I get a place. I’m so excited but at the same time, so worried!
What if I can’t get out of bed? What if I’m so busy trying to remember things, that nothing actually sinks in? I have so many what ifs!! Who would want to be counselled by me?!!
I’m trying to take one day at a time & try to enjoy each moment as it comes but my mind monkeys seem to be taking over! #Notgivingup


My first proper post/“introduction” #Depression #TreatmentresistantDepression #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #BipolarDisorder #ADHD #Suicide #Existentialdread #Notgivingup

Hi, Mighty 👋 Until recently (and since last summer) I had for at least the 20th time become
suicidal (ideation, nonstop obsessive & intrusive thoughts about planning & doing it), intensely agoraphobic, 24/7 agitated & anxious, experiencing sustained anhedonia....utter hell in other words, that blossomed from a nervous breakdown last June. Only bc of recent Ketamine infusions am I able to do things again, and honestly I feel at most 30% better than before - but I’ll take it!! So I
was initially diagnosed w adhd as a child (before it became fashionable to recklessly diagnose/throw pills at any child who displayed behavioral/distractibility/emotional issues) and the adhd has made life that much harder.
By the middle of my sophomore year in high school I started to feel anxious all the time, hyper-self conscious, & I started to withdraw from my friends & all social events - I still saw friends periodically but it was difficult & I’d often have sudden crying fits I couldn’t explain or control. At this time the pain was very real yet I didn’t fully understand it. I would tell myself “as I get older this shit will just go away” in an attempt to deal/comfort myself which of course was the precise opposite of what my life would become. It took me 9 (!!) years to get through college because I couldn’t focus, would often withdraw from classes halfway through the the semester (my anxiety was so potent I often would leave class or have such bad panic attacks on the way to class that I’d turn my car around, and run away from responsibility - my mantra became “I’m a total worthless piece of shit” “I’m a total waste of space” “I’m non-functioning garbage” etc. etc. and I felt out of control. I’ve been told over the yrs that I’m “atypical bipolar”, have comorbid MDD//OCD/GAD/SAD/, BPD, but what makes the most sense to me is “agitated and treatment-resistant depression” along w several anxiety disorders. I’ve tried over 68 meds over the last couple decades, including every mood stabilizer, every ssri/snri, every antipsychotic (for augmentation) tricyclics, atypical antidepressants (such as remeron) and of course benzos which sadly I’ve been relying on for over 2
decades - if I don’t take at least 2 mg klonopin at night I won’t sleep AT ALL 😞 I’m just as anxious and agitated at 4 am as I am at 4 pm, my mind will not relent, & it’s hard to rationalize living even though I’m doing “a bit” better - as many of you know the psychological imprisonment is constant. Pathetically, I try to be “proud” of myself when I get out of bed, and even more so if I can go out and take a walk or deal w seeing a friend a couple times a year. If it wasn’t for loving parents who I don’t deserve & a beautiful daughter who deserves much better that I see occasionally (visitation) I would have “gone through” with the worst by now. Alas, the guilt’s always too great. So I “keep going”....every day, wondering what the point is. I’m hoping someday I’ll find out 😥🤔 -Kind regards to all!


Getting something to help fight? #Depression #fighting #Notgivingup

Does anyone gets or has gotten something that asks to be taken care of just so you would have something to help you fight with depression, anxiety and /or other problems like that?
Atleast I did. My 22nd birthday was coming up and I just was in darkness for quite a while. So I don't know why, I just went to the petshop and started looking at betta fishes. I saw some that looked strong. But then more in the back I saw this blueish purpleish one who looked tired and passive. And I just knew that he's the one. Every time I'm down I just start talking with him and it helps me every time.

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How many of you suffer cognitive distortions?

Cognitive distortions are also known as thinking errors, thinking distortions, irrational thoughts, distorted thoughts, and negative automatic thoughts.
Cognitive distortions are ways that you twist up your thinking to see yourself, your situation, and other people in a negative light. They’re basically your mind playing tricks on you; convincing you that you’re not as good as everyone else, people don’t like you, you’re at fault, things are hopeless, or other negative beliefs. The problem is that these cognitive distortions are very convincing.
##anixety #t #Notgivingup #BrainMalformation
Cognitive distortions are:

automatic and happen without you realizing it
not accurate reflections of reality
something everyone does, but are much more prevalent in people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems
all serve to validate your pessimistic outlook (things are hopeless, you’re worthless or less than)

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