Hi. Some time ago, you discussed about how #Music can help people to go through trauma, and I've experienced it many times. But in September I came across this Korean boy band, #bts , and as long as I was loving their lyrics and how they fussion arts, and them with technology, I could see lots of posts and tweets of people thanking them for saving their lives. So I found songs like Sea or Mikrokosmos, #healingsongs , and now I found this article about the last months of 2020: magazine.weverse.io/article/view
I'd love to read more about this. I'm taking a course now about them, the social aspect of their music, and I'm surprised when I see that BTS' fans are so much but are hidden, and at the same time fight in the areas they can to "spread the message" -they vote for awards, give views to their music, trend hashtags...- but don't try to talk to others, or do it aggressively because they are used to be mistreated or mocked.
Personally, Black Swan and the confrontation with one's deep shadows still let me speachless. And I thank them my last powerful, emotional, artistic, deep-thinking and interesting months of 2020.
Thank you for reading!