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Just putting my thoughts out in the open #Journal #helpsme

Yesterday was a blessing today was an adventure and tomorrow is a gift! Mornings are fresh starts! I live life day by day most say I shouldn't cuz I'll never get anything accomplished By in my head I see my life as one day and one day only! I dont know if I'm gunna wake up Tomorrow so why live in constant state of stress about everything! My goal in life is to be off grid one day cuz I hate money I hate the way society is! I want to be out in the woods living iff the land the way were are supposed to be living. But instead we are destroying our planet and killing oour world! Soon we won't have a planet to live on because the population because the bigger cities get the more pavement gets put down which means more trees and more nature gets destroyed! Ok that's all for tonight Blessed Be!#savetheearthsaveus ##GoodVibes