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Intrusive thoughts saying 'no'

I will often start developing an idea which hits a curve ball when I get excited about it. So as I plan I get lots of thoughts on how it could go wrong. It doesn't stop me doing it or even make me think I will give up, its just incredibly distracting, which is really annoying when bringing the idea into fruition requires work and work requires focus. 🤔 #Schizophrenia #creativity


The role of art in my life

I graduated in fine art. I work in an art related job part time so I have time to work on my own art too. I'm not good at sticking to one idea and I am often bouncing around the many possibilities and not monetising any of them. I get intimidated by the work I see online by other artists. Often in the comments it says AI, which I suppose is a relief. My mental health causes me to engage in abstract thought a lot and sometimes I feel I should use this to fuel my imagination. I'm in a place now, where I can be mindful when I need to, but it didn't used to be like that, therefore I have years of dreams and ideas which I think could make good stories and art. Now that I am in a better place I'm realising that I need to put the creativity into practise to make it better but there's always the voice saying I've wasted too much time and im too old now.#Art #creativity #Anxiety #Schizophrenia

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Reawaken Your Creativity #creativity #MentalHealth

Through some self-reflection something occurred to me. I miss doing and making things. Over the years I’ve learned carpentry, metal work, worked in heating and air conditioning, and electronics. Some of my past college courses included education classes for grade school children. I worked as a YMCA program director developing daily schedules for working with children. I developed activities for exercise, swimming, arts and crafts and more.
Those experiences were invaluable professionally and interpersonally.
Lately, in my daily walk with depression, anxiety, bipolar, adhd, ptsd something was missing. A friend recently retired as a police officer after 35 years. I wanted to recognize his accomplishments.
I then started exploring something to make for him. The answer came after digging into some projects. This led me to discover knife making. My friend enjoys the outdoors, fishing, camping, hunting. I also decided to embark upon leather craft. The intent is to make a sturdy leather sheath for this knife.
I still have some work to do on this. It’s not a job but a joy to work on a project for someone else. I do a little at a time and rest or wait for epoxy to dry and cure. But then I return to it.
If I may take a little time to explain all of us have friends, family that care about us. Friendships should be built on trust and appreciation. Turning our thoughts outside ourselves is a start. Devoting your hobby (ies) to make something for them shows a personal effort and talent that may be something your friend of family member did not know about you. It can be anything: macrame, quilting, calligraphy, a painting or drawing, a special photo you took. The choices are innumerable and unique to you. But it allows some bonding with loved ones. In our personal struggles isolation is counter productive. Sure it’s good to meditate or journal but retreating into our “cave” can become our habit or routine. Try to take in the bigger picture by utilizing your talents and creativity. Creativity excites the imagination. As we work to feel and do better realize you are special. Take an art class, or learn something new.
There is a bible scripture, “Iron sharpens iron.” Encouraging others is a way to make someone’s day better and it has the benefit knowing you made their day.
Find your creativity. Give yourself space to explore your imagination. You have talents.

#creativity #Talent #Hobby #Imagination #encourage #ADHD

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So I would really love some help ..... #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Selfcare #Depression #Anxiety #SkinCancer

So right now I am on strict bed/chair rest if I push it out a bit and can sit out on my swing if it's a dry day.I am looking for little ideas diy things I can do in the garden myself bigger things to paint ,fix or even use as something ,and also need some ideas to do some Easter type activities with the kiddies while off school to help me do things in the little parts of garden I'm making for them to make or help paint or do things in those area.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great as I can't do my normal usually exercising on bike ,or walking or any of that rightnow .

Would love any ideas or even photos of things you've done or seen that I can get get some inspiration such an artsy person and love getting things and totally upcycling them and making them our own .so would appreciate anything #mighties

#MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Upallnight #SkinCancer #Depression #Selfcare #Positivity #diyideas ##creativity #creative #longcovid #loveyourself #Bekind #COVID19 #longcovid #Tattoos #Crafting #upcycling #Newhome #positive #Positivity #wellness #ArtTherapy

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Stifled Creativity

I have always had a dream to write and illustrate a children's book and I have finally found my perfect idea. But... My depression isn't letting me start. My anxiety isn't helping the process either. I am bogged down by the idea that I won't be good enough, it will be a waste of time, it will take too much time away from my family. And the crazy things my mind tells me has me convinced that this is an awful idea and will ultimately just get people upset with me for doing this.

How do I express my creativity and fulfill my dream when my heart knows that I want and need this but the demons that live in my head are constantly making me second guess myself and are constantly convincing me that I can't do this? #Depression #Anxiety #creativity

Just one of my drawings....

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Healing with Music, Art, and Writing

#UlcerativeColitis #IBD #Healing #creativity

I have been relying on my creativity lately. I have been painting acrylic paintings, playing guitar and ukulele, and piano, writing blog articles, and working on my book about my ulcerative colitis journey. It is full of humorous poems and illustrations. :D It is finished and will be released by Oct. 1st. I'm excited! This will be my seventh self published book.

I had my colon and rectum removed four weeks ago due to severe ulcerative colitis. Healing has been a bit slow but that was to be expected. It was very major surgery. I'm getting used to Ostomy Life, but it can be difficult some days. I feel much, much better overall though now that I don't have the inflammation from the disease. I was in pretty bad shape before the surgery.

I'm attaching a photo of my tuxedo cat, Tracey who likes to sit on the piano when she shouldn't be...ha.

What outlets do you have when you're coping with something big?

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my name is lenny and i struggle with profound sadness. i’m an artist who struggled with feeling good enough to be where i want to be and do what i want to do #Depression #creativity #Identity