Hi, today I found out the hard way that to my sister in law I'm available every day all day and have no fixed appointments. They had planned to come over to celebrate Christmas together, but the day she suggested, I'm in pain clinic. To bad. Then they have to celebrate without me. And I have to arrange someone to bring me back home after therapy because I'm not allowed to drive. The other option was today, but than I'd have to cancel physical therapy (which I definitely need today after conducting Saturday) but to her that's no problem. Well...she doesn't have to feel my body. So I phoned that it was on a too short notice (1 hour ago) and that I can't skip according to their constantly changing wishes. I kind of pitty my mother and twin brother. Typical for her: that's the way I've planned it so that's the way it's going to be no matter it is inconvenient to someone else. Everybody has to be d according to her wishes. When I've studied long enough, I'll give her a psychological diagnosis 😈. Sorry for complaining. I just had to spill my guts.