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A letter written in jail Dear God,

I want to give you an eternal Thank You for always providing for me during my life. I live each day with the faith that you will always allow me the tools I need to not only survive but to thrive as well. I also want to thank you for making me stronger due to all the learning experiences I received. It doesn't matter whether I enjoyed them at the time, I still learned. You gave us free will, so it's up to us to live right, or we have to accept the consequences. All the knowledge I have gathered, I willingly take it with me and share with whomever may ask for it. If it be life experiences or knowledge of your word, I do my best. I also want to help all of the wonderful people who have already helped me along this journey and to the individuals who will help me in the future. I can remember certain things that have happened that I know we're miracles from you. I also believe that some of your Angels here on Earth have crossed my path a time or two. I thank you for those as well. Each and every day I am able to see the beauty in not only my surroundings but the people as well. I know in all this beauty lies great meaning and purpose.

I am also asking your forgiveness for all the foolishness and stupid things I've done in my life. From this day forward, I strive to be more responsible, and be a woman that can teach good instead of anything negatively.

Amen #ChronicIlless chronic pain #ChronicIllnessEDS #MentalHealth #PTSD #Abuse

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Brainstorm run/walk 23

My parents and I did the brainstorm at the lakefront, downtown Milwaukee where the Milwaukee art museum is. My dad and I walked while my mom run, but my dad and I accidentally walked the 5k run instead. (My dad and I don’t run) the only two people are missing is my sister and her girlfriend, and wish my two guy friends where part of this event with me too!
#epilepsywarrior #Epilepsy #ChronicIlless 💜🧠⚡️

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I found this on Pintrest and wanted to share. I'm not trying to affend anyone

Dear God
Enlighten-What's dark in me.
Strengthen-What's weak in me.
Mend-What's broken in me.
Bind-What's bruised in me.
Heal-What's sick in me.
and lastly ...
Revive-Whatever peace and love has died in me.
#ChronicIlless #AbuseSurvivors #CPTSD #ChronicIllnessEDS

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I wrote a poem about chronic illness

Having A Zebra
By: Kailee Rollman

Can no one see the pain painted across my arm?
It creeps up my arm, nerve by nerve.
Across my shoulder and down my body,
It moves faster and faster until
All I can feel is
All that’s on my mind is pain.
Screams of agonizing pain can only be heard by my nerves.
They shout back that something is awry.
My nerves relentlessly remind me of the
Game of torment they are having with my bones.
I try to fight back, but to no avail.
The ice and the heat are no match for the zebra.
The zebra that no one will look for,
And no one will see.
I sit in a waiting room as my nerves scream
My nerves scream again, but this time they laugh.
They seem proud of themselves for what they've done.
They shot my blood pressure high into the sky,
What a fun little trick that they get to play.
The doctor comes in and my nerves scream again.
Nobody hears their cry, they are silenced by age.
How can a nerve be too young to feel pain?
The nerves scream again as the doctor walks out,
But this time they don’t scream alone.
The heart cries as it feels the emotional torment of being ignored.
The nerves scream in pain.
The lungs let out a sigh of defeat,
They were holding their breath in hope of an answer.
But the brain sobs.
It sobs as it thinks about how it let the whole body down.
How could it have behaved differently?
What could it have done to become visible again?
The whole body cries a deep cry of pain.
The pain of having a zebra;
And not knowing how to take care of it.
The brain cries even longer
As it knows it has to learn how to care for a zebra all by itself.

#ChronicIlless #MedicalZebra

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More Downs Than Ups

Oh boy. I looked at my last actual update on here and man do I have a ton of stuff to talk about.

So first of all. I get those shots in my head once a month. It's pretty okay, but then I'm pretty much stuck in bed for the next 48 hours. Still worth it, though.

Next, I can officially say I've been to the ER now. Twice, actually. Both for tachycardia. The first time was terrifying because I was lying still and my heart rate was 165 and it wouldn't stop doing flips. But now I'm back on a beta blocker and doing okay. (That is thanks to my new cardiologist who is super awesome)

Uhhhhh I discovered that I'm allergic to a lot of foods. Especially peanuts which is hilarious because I hate peanut butter with a fiery passion. So wheat, corn, soy, sesame, milk, eggs, and peanuts are a big no no.

Speaking of corn. It's in everything!! For example, unless stated, citric acid and vitamin C both come from corn.

I'm on a mostly liquid diet now because of whatever GI issues I have. Speaking of, my gastric emptying study was yesterday. I don't have the results yet but I'm glad I finally have shit taken care of.

My thyroid is doing... something. I dunno. It's been a lot. I ended up getting an MRI today because they wanna see if my petuitary gland is going nuts. I honestly don't think so but whatever.

Uhhhh...I've been vaguely ill for the last 2ish months and at the beginning of March they did a CBC. My white blood cell count was around 14. So they had me do it again a week later, and it went down to 12ish. They thought that was acceptable because whatever PCR test they ran, nothing came up. Last week I did another CBC and the white blood cell count is 15, and they had me do another PCR test today. I have no obvious signs of infection, I just feel like crap.

And I started Lyrica a while back.

I think that's everything. I'm honestly too tired to tell right now, so I'll make another post if I remember more. #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Gastroparesis #ChronicIlless

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Hello all! I am Emily. I have followed many people and read stories on The Might but have never really interacted, but I think today that all changes. One reason for this change is I had encountered with The Lord and he brought much needed comfort and healing of my heart mind and spirit. Now I am making the choice to speak out on my struggles and to help others struggling with chronic illness and disability encounter the healer and comforter Jesus Christ. I am a poet, author and artist using my gifts and burden for the benefit of others and the glory of God.

# Christian #ChronicIlless #EhlersDanlosSociety #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndromeAwarenessMonth #ChronicPain #Disability

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I'm sorry but I gotta vent #PTSD #ChronicIlless #chronic eds #MightyMoment

So I didn't get as much sleep as I probably needed Monday night cause that was my last night with my best friend. He brought me to my daughter's when he got off work and I needed time to unwind and enjoy the quiet as they were settling down for the night. I believe I came up to my grandsons room where I sleep on the bottom bunk. My daughter-in-law's older pug also sleeps in this same room. That dog has NOT stopped snoring for more than 2 minutes tops for the entire night. I've shhed her, asked God to please shut that dog up, (not proud of this) but even threw a small stuffed animal at her twice. Coming back from a bathroom trip I even nudged her gently with my foot. Now I would never do this; but I honestly feel I could commit doggy homicide and completely lie about when Kayla wakes up and takes her out to potty. With a straight face and a dumbfounded look I could lie through my teeth and act the part of grieving her loss. Oh poor Sadie. It must have been your time to go to doggy heaven. Oh you poor poor thing! FOR SURE, I'M BUYING EAR PLUGS TODAY!!! Thank you all for listening to me vent some. I hope you all have a safe and blessed day 🙏

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#ChronicFatigue #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #MightyTogether #ChronicIlless
Good to be reafirmed today, I know this is true, don't always believe or feel that way, but I TRULY DO SO TODAY. 🌻🌻😊💞💞

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