Me¿.. #sabotaging our #relationship Will NEVER Be Forgiven😭.. Like WHAT is HAPPENING to ME.? I Am So Confused & Lost & Sad. I've Been Looking at You Thru the MOST Loving, Adoring, Apologetic Eyes.... But That's the Only Thing I Can Do is Watch & Burn Inside Here.. Because I Would Never Do the Things that 'I'm' Doing to You.. The Real Me ONLY Loves You.. & Agrees w 9/9.9% of the Shit 'We' Argue about.. Feels Like a #nightmare that I Can't Wake Up from.. I Glare Ova at You & #smile from Within.. Thinkin ab the Traits & Manorisms that Make You So Much Better than Most Ppl These Days.. Yet, When You Look Back at Me,.. Do I Look Upset.? Kuz you Got that Look on Ya Face like "What Dis Bitch Prollem is NOW?"... Awwh NOW I Notice the Otha One Talkin, Sayin Dats My Seat He Sittin in Kuz He Won't Be in it Nomo B4 Long.. But I Force a Smirk, Shake my Head & Say Nun😏😌 ...(💔)

#HyJacked #crazy #wtf #obsessivethoughts #walkoffsuicideal #Iloveyou