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Don’t give up, please don’t give up

Mighty friends we have a fellow mighty friend who needs all the prayers, positive thoughts and best vibes thrown her way. She’s such a beautiful, loving, caring and funny girl. She doesn’t deserve this as none of us do. However last night depression lied to her as the great liar it is and told her to let go. Thank God she’s still here but she’s in a very dark place. She needs us now more than ever. Please let’s lift her in prayer and healing thoughts and vibes. I love you dear friend and I’m here beside you always. Your life is precious and your kind soul isn’t ready to go. There are so many of us who love and need you. We couldn’t do life without you. Hold on girl just just hold on!! ❤️

#MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SuicideAwareness #Love #HoldOn #imhereforyou #soulsisters #praybig #Iloveyou


WHAT'S INside ME?.. 🎭😱

Me¿.. #sabotaging our #relationship Will NEVER Be Forgiven😭.. Like WHAT is HAPPENING to ME.? I Am So Confused & Lost & Sad. I've Been Looking at You Thru the MOST Loving, Adoring, Apologetic Eyes.... But That's the Only Thing I Can Do is Watch & Burn Inside Here.. Because I Would Never Do the Things that 'I'm' Doing to You.. The Real Me ONLY Loves You.. & Agrees w 9/9.9% of the Shit 'We' Argue about.. Feels Like a #nightmare that I Can't Wake Up from.. I Glare Ova at You & #smile from Within.. Thinkin ab the Traits & Manorisms that Make You So Much Better than Most Ppl These Days.. Yet, When You Look Back at Me,.. Do I Look Upset.? Kuz you Got that Look on Ya Face like "What Dis Bitch Prollem is NOW?"... Awwh NOW I Notice the Otha One Talkin, Sayin Dats My Seat He Sittin in Kuz He Won't Be in it Nomo B4 Long.. But I Force a Smirk, Shake my Head & Say Nun😏😌 ...(💔)

#HyJacked #crazy #wtf #obsessivethoughts #walkoffsuicideal #Iloveyou

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#ilovemyself #iloveme #innerlove #Selflove #acceptingme

I like what I see in the you?
It's not my own reflection in this image, I have a few more wrinkles and crow's feet, and that's okay. I'm not 20 anymore. It took me years to be able to look myself in the mirror and say "I love you". Some days are easier than others, but you are deserving of love and being loved. The first step is loving yourself, even if you currently feel you can't. It took me 2 years to look myself in the eye and feel worthy. It might take you ten years or 2 months, but today is the day to start loving your amazing self!
#iamworthy #Loveyou #innerbeauty #Iloveyou #MentalHealthMonth #innercompassion #survivingtrauma #ucandounlimitedchange #CPTSD

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My Mighty Family

Hey there, how’s everyone? I was just laying awake as usual at 3:30 am in the morning cause I’m up chatting with our good ol pal insomnia. Then I think oh let me get on The Mighty it’s become my favorite app next to Facebook. I love that I can come here and complain and not feel judged or find others who understands me more than my own family, shoot you guys are practically family I think I spend more time chatting here than I do with home family. I hope yesterday was ok as it could’ve been, I hope you were given a reason to smile. I love you all Incase you hadn’t heard it yesterday or I’d like to be the first to tell you today. Your amazing, strong, wonderful and worth so much too me #Love #TheMighty #strong #worthy #Loved #Lupus #Insomnia #Appreciation #Family #Blessed #HighlyFavored #Iloveyou #OpalLovesYou #ChronicallyFablous #chronicallyill #ChronicIllness #YouDeserveItAll


you’re worth everything

sometimes u think it’s not worth it, that’s ok.... I feel the same somedays. sometimes u feel like if u died no one would care... it’s okay I feel like that somedays too.... somedays u wanna just let go and end it all...... I feel like that too but I just want you to know, I love you. you are worth it, you are loved, I care for you. I don’t want you to go. stay with me and fight ❤️ you are loved. you are worth everything. it will be okay.
#SuicidalThoughts #Iloveyou #Itsokay #keepfighting #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #keepgoing #imhereforyou #reachout #Insecure

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I love you #youmatter #Iloveyou #Continue

I just want anyone who sees this know that you are loved. You are cared about. You are amazing and you are alive for a reason. Smile, it'll make you feel better. Stay hydrated, eat if you haven't, and take your meds if you haven't. Valentine's day is about love. It was never specified that it was fir couples only. So make today a self- love day. ❤❤❤


if anyone hasn’t told you today;

I think you’re perfect. no not just in one way, I think everything about you is amazing. never stop being you❤️ #spreadlove #Iloveyou #youmatter