This is my first post on here.. So here it goes it..
I am one of the lucky ones who have a mild case of #CerebralPalsy palsy.. Luckily it doesn't affect me much. However I was browsing the Yahoo home page and I saw #SelmaBlair on the page with this bright yellow device.. I had no idea what it was called.. So a few Google searches later. I quickly realized it was called the Alinker. I then instantly thought wow this is exactly what I need. You see I have #DiabetesType2 on top of cp and I am over weight as well and I struggle to get active having cp.. So after falling head over heels with this #walkingaid as it has no pedals.. I decided that I am going to see how much they cost wow $2200 dollars!!! I then was upset that I could not afford it.. So fastfoward a few weeks later I see a video of this random lady on the Alinker in a parade in a town not far from me. I literally jumped for joy as the #alinker was something very new to the USA so to find someone else who has the same thing as me from a small tiny start up.. So I instantly messaged this random lady who's name is Anna. I told her that I was interested in the Alinker and can I get it out some day?? Well she instantly told me that she was going to be at a #AssistiveTechnology expo and I went there and after seeing it in action.. I said I want this so bad.. Well a few days later I set up a online based #Fundraiser for my #alinker ... As the alinker is a 3 wheel bike and not covered by insurance so my only option was to fundraise. So I ended up fundraising the funds. I got my #alinker in September of last year.. It has made a huge difference in my life.. I have taken it to #AbilitiesExpo where I am in this picture and I even took it #iceskating with it... I have to admit that there is a learning curve of how to use it and I still have not mastered it.. I still have to do a few #adjustments to it like the seat height and https://angle.But the good thing is if you have mild cerebral palsy it's a option or even if you have #MultipleSclerosis or anything that requires you use a wheelchair part of the time.. I have to admit that it's not for every condition.. I am having so much free time with this virus.. I plan on taking it out more. If you want more information to to It truly has changed my life.